Colors of the Wind

I always scour my Mom’s closet for fun pieces and this time I dug up these outrageous shorts—proabably from the 80s. They weren’t all that attractive at first, but after belting and rolling them up they became trendy and unique. Just shows how you can transform outdated in to stylish!
I hope your holiday went well. I've always found it ironic that Americans dedicate a national holiday to giving thanks then the next day many decide that they don't have enough stuff and go on a late-night, frenzied shopping spree. Nonetheless, I did buy a Nikon L105 at the Target Black Friday sale late in the afternoon--probably around 2. It's my 6-month in advance birthday present and I love it! The focus is stunning and I hope you enjoy these photos.

**Credit goes to my brother for photos 1,3, and 4**

Avec Amour,


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