ruffles and reflections

The abnormally warm weather last weekend made the idea of a photoshoot irresistible. I grabbed my camera and headed straight outside, blissfully blissfully snapping shots here and there. 
My favorite shot is the first one of the necklace I made. I am a non-denominational Christian, so my church doesn't do Lent, but I decided to give up shopping again this year since my closet is cluttered with all sorts of things I never wear. Last year I couldn't make it, but so far I'm still going strong. To help ease my retail-therapy withdrawal, I took a trip to Michael's with my mom and looked for pendants to make some jewelry (craft supply shopping, of course, doesn't count as it encourages creativity.) I stumbled upon this cute little camera and bought it to make a necklace. After painstakingly removing jewels on an old chain, I slipped the camera on, and voi! There you have it--creative and eco-friendly jewelry!
Thanks for reading lovelies, I'm on spring break so I will be sure to post again soon!

Avec amour,


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