Hocking Hills

The little guy in the photo above is my brother, he deserves credit for many of my photos--when I can't convince him to be my photographer, I use the self-timer (which is more often than not haha).
These photos are from a spring break day trip to a beautiful park with one of my friends who is an exchange student. The scenery was absolutely stunning and though hiking eight miles was rough, it was a fantastic experience.
I can't believe there's no school tomorrow. It's completely surreal. Where did all the time go? I will do my best to catch up with blogging with my extra free time. Let me know about your own summer plans--any exciting trips planned?

Avec amour,

fringe and florals

Back on spring break, my family went to the park and I convinced my little brother to take pictures with me. I was really happy with the way they turned out, especially since my Nikon ran out of batteries and we had to use my previous battered Kodak.
The dress I'm wearing in these photos is designed by Lauren Conrad--I'm absolutely in love with her Kohl's collection filled with classic fits, sweet pastels, and gorgeous prints. Even better, I snagged this one for less than $10 during a clearance event.
I hope you're all enjoying the warmer weather. I happen to be a little behind on posts, but I promise to catch up soon!

Avec amour,


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