Sunny Stripes

Necklace($5)--Forever 21

I've caught the blogging bug. This is the first time in forever that I've updated so many times in a month. I'll just appreciate it while it lasts. 
Anyway, I went on photoshoot date with my tripod last week to take these photos and I was really happy about the way they turned out. This lovely and colorful dress was one of the things I bought in China.  It's my absolute favorite because it fits just right, is comfy, and perfect for my athletic body shape. This is definitely one of my simpler looks (only one layer?!) but I think this summer heat prescribes it. I also shot another dress and I will be sure to post those photos soon.
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Avec amour,

An American Girl in a Chinese World Part 2: Hangzhou, China

 Iconic symbols/places of West Lake

 Buddhist temple/monastery

 My cousin and I
 Spicy tofu on a stick

 The mane event (haha): my perm!
 Feeding doves--my brother and grandma

 West Lake Park One
 West Lake Park Six

 No shortage of American brands in China--especially KFC and Pizza Hut
 Out teas at the Liu Lang Wei Yin Tea House

 Our fancy hotel
My grandma's squash/melon

Hey again! This is my second and final photo post of my trip to China in June. I honestly had the most amazing time with my relatives sightseeing, eating, shopping, and relaxing. The food may have been strange (deep-fried little fish above) but it was amazing, believe it or not (yes, we eat the head, bones, and all). I am very close to my grandma on my mom's side, so it was wonderful to see her again, listen to all my grandpa's stories, and eat the delicious watermelon he bought. I even got to help my younger cousin with English and though I wish I could say my Chinese character recognition improved drastically, I really only became more fluent in speaking. I'm now emailing my grandma to help my character recognition get better. We spent a ton of time at West Lake, which is absolutely beautiful and also traveled to the XiXi Wetland Park and stayed at the Sheraton hotel. It was the nicest hotel I've ever been to and we basically feasted at their buffet breakfast. I hope you enjoy my photos and various outfits. You may have also noticed that my hair is no longer straight, and I absolutely love having curly hair. My aunt owns her own little hair shop so she permed it for me and also bought me the pink and black striped bow above. If you have any question about the experience or Chinese culture, just leave it in the comments and I'll be sure to reply! A few things I noticed were:

1. they use tissues as napkins
2. they go grocery shopping at the fresh market every day
3. they use towels as blankets (it's hot!)
4. sleeping until 9 AM is seriously sleeping in
5. middle school is 3 years and high school is 3 years.

I actually just did a photoshoot in two dresses I got from China, so I'll be sure to post those soon as well. I would also love it if you liked my facebook page in the sidebar--that would be fantastic! Thanks for sharing your thoughts lovelies, I'll see you soon!


An American Girl in a Chinese World Part 1: Tonglu, China

Faulty translation...I just love having "fresh bag" every day for breakfast.

My new Converse!

My poor shoes :(

If you were to ask me whether I am American or Chinese and only allow me to choose one, I no longer know how to answer. My passport is blue, yes, but my heart is red, and sometimes, especially after my trip to China, it yearns to tap into my shallow Chinese roots; only time and persistence will let them grow deeper.

The above is an excerpt from one of my journals and my attempt at deep writing. I definitely took a longer break from blogging than intended, but I'm glad to say I'm back! I spent all of June in China, and here are my favorite photos from Tonglu. Here we mostly shopped, but our major trips were to go rafting on the local river and climb the DaQi Mountains. I got to ride a rickshaw again, basically hitchhike for a bus on the side of the road, and do some fantastic shopping at rock-bottom prices. I had to throw out my old Converse, but no worries, I got new ones for $6.50! The fresh food was absolutely mouth-watering and the experience was amazing and close to life-changing. I definitely want to spend more time in China with my relatives and learn more Chinese.
Enjoy the photos, I promise to post again soon with pictures from Hangzhou and West Lake!



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