Summer Sunset

Top ($7)--Macy's
Shorts ($3)--Macy's
Shoes ($3)--Target
Necklace ($5)--Forever 21
Bracelet ($3)--Target

 Hello lovelies! Just wanted to make a final summer post while the flowers were still out. Hope you're not sick of them already!
This look, in my opinion, is the epitome of summer. It's so carefree and bright with the floral-tribal print mix. 
The photos turned out funky-looking because of the lighting since it was sunset in some, but others I think look very nice. The title "Summer Sunset" isn't just literal; I added sunset because summer is slowly fading away and a sunset means the end of the day but also the beginning of a new one is on the horizon. 
I'm still responding to your comments on the last post so don't fret if I haven't gotten back to you yet!
See you soon!

Avec amour,
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Bohemian Bliss

Cardigan ($4)--Thrifted Zara
Top ($4)--Target
Shorts ($7)--DIY Lei
Scarf ($1.50)--grocery store (hey, it was cheap!)
Shoes (gift)--China

Hey lovelies! I came across some old photos from May when I still had straight hair. This is another casual-bohemian look with my old signatures--my flower and Converse. I'm not sure how much I miss that flower; it doesn't look so great with curly hair and I'm trying to break old habits. I do miss those old lovely Converse but my new ones match better and are just as nice.
 Just wanted to do a quick update before school starts--to everyone starting school again, good luck, study hard, but enjoy yourself. 
I will definitely not be able to update every few days but I'll commit to at least two each month. See you soon! 

Avec amour,

Flowery Photoshoot and Versatile Blogger Award

Jacket (product for review)--BrowNY
Top ($12)--Forever 21
Shorts ($5)--Macy's
Shoes ($5)--Target
Necklace ($5)--Target

Hello Lovelies! This is a two posts in one kind of thing. I wanted to reblog this lovely military jacket that BrowNY sent me two years ago because I don't think my last post did it justice. They sent me this jacket for review and I absolutely love it. It's very soft, fits well, and is perfect for a dressy look. I've worn it to Homecoming and all my orchestra concerts! Please Visit BrowNY's site and Facebook page!

Another lovely blogger called Ira also nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award displayed below. Visit her blog here.

These are the rules for this award:

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.(Less than 2 years)
2. Let the nominated bloggers know that they have been nominated for this award.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who has nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

My Seven Random Facts:
  1. 1. I don't like milk so I drink organic, unsweetened soymilk.
    2. I love running.
    3. I was Elvis in my 6th grade play.
    4. I only eat one hamburger a year because of the harmful environmental effects of cows.
    5. I've played the violin for seven years.
    6. I am an extreme bargain hunter--the most expensive item I remember buying fashion-wise is a plaid shirt from Forever 21 that was $20.
    7. I'm hungry all the time.

    My blog nominations (I'm only doing 10 and ignoring the 2 year qualification):
    10. Ziqqua

    Thanks for reading  and congrats to the above ten!
    See you soon! Spoiler alert: a giveaway is coming up!

    Avec amour,

A Day at the Fair

Please keep voting for me in AE's Live Your Life Contest! You get one vote per day, and I'd be so grateful if you voted! 
Also, a huge shout out to my followers! Burst of Color hit 100 a few days ago, and I am so appreciative of your support!

Top (LC Lauren Conrad)--$4
Bandeau (JCPenney)--$3
Jeans (JCPenney)--$7
Shoes (Target)--$6
Bag (Lulu's)--$5
Necklace (DIY)--$3
Sunglasses (China)--$6

Hello Lovelies! The above photos are from a lazy day at a local fair. I'll finally be caught up with posting photos after this, so this means a photoshoot is in the near future.
I've been going with more casual looks lately, and this one is no exception. I am absolutely in love with Lauren Conrad's collection at Kohl's, and this top was just perfectly chic and comfy! I also finally got a pair of sandals at Target last month for a really good price. I am a definite bargain hunter...or maybe just cheap?
Hope you enjoy the look--I will be sure to post again soon!
Note: If you didn't vote for me in AE's Live Your Life contest, please CLICK HERE! I placed 6th last week, which means I'll get a $25 gift card, but if I place in the top 5, my photo will be on AE's Times Square billboard and I'll get a $50 gift card. Please help me out! I'd be more than willing to vote/follow you in return (:
Catch you later!

Avec amour,

Walk in the Park

 Credit, below: Eva Straver
Top (Marshall's)--$7
Bandeau (JCPenney)--$3
Neclace (DIY)--$3
Shorts (Piper&Blue)--$10
Shoes (Target)--$4
Bracelets (Prague and Target)--gift and $3

Hello lovelies! First, I would like to credit the little guy above with most of my photos in this post. He may be small, but my brother is a fantastic photographer! My fave is the last one!
I also tried out Pixlr, another photo editor and loved the results for the 1st and 5th photos, but it was so time consuming that the rest are unedited. We took these photos in a park nearby and I was really happy with them. Hope you enjoy the photos and outfit! Will post again soon!

Avec amour,


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