Dust Pink and Gold

I was so happy when I came across this cute gold bag at Goodwill a couple weeks ago. It was perfect; it satisfied my cross-body and versatility requirements—it’s even long enough to fit some homework on the go!

I think dust pink and gold accents is my favorite combo. I’m loving all these cute pastels year-round. Hope you enjoy this look!



Falling Leaves

All photos of me credited to my lovely brother, George.
Sweater ($7)--Kohl's
Gray Shirt ($5)--Forever 21
Jeans ($10)--American Rag
Boots ($5)--China
Leather Bag ($3)--Goodwill
Necklace ($5)--Target
Belt ($3)--Old Navy

It's been a crazy few weeks, so after a boatload of schoolwork and college entrance exam prep, I went to the park with my family. I think my wonderful little brother (shown below) did an awesome job on these photos so I tried my best to edit them as well as possible! (Pixlr.com does wonders.)

This is definitely one of my more casual weekend looks but also one of my faves. I had a ton of fun shooting in my dust pink fall sweater and hope you enjoy these photos! Hope to see you soon!


Fall Pastels

Skirt (worn as dress)--Mom's closet
Cardigan ($4)--thrifted
Scarf ($2)--China
Leggings ($5)--Forever 21
Belt ($4)--Forever 21
Bag ($3)--thrifted
Boots (gift)--China

I’m always one to improvise, so when I saw this pink, textured skirt in my mom’s closet, I immediately borrowed it and made it a trendy dress with a simple wide belt! This is my ideal fall transition look with short fringed boots and a light scarf. I wore this a couple weeks ago to go out to eat for my dad’s birthday and do a little bargain shopping at Forever 21--I ended up snagging a pale pink top for $3.50 and a skirt for $2.50. Who could resist?
Hope you see you lovelies soon!



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