Fairy Tale

Shorts ($2)--Kohl's
Shoes ($6)--China
Necklace ($5)--Forever 21
Headband ($3)--DIY
Leather bag ($3)--thrifted

The weather was abnormally warm last week, so I took advantage of the beautiful day to shoot in short for the first time in a few months. I was so happy to find them at Kohl's for only $2! I just love bargains.
I got my flowery piece a few years ago at Michael’s, but I had no idea what to do with it, so it sat idly on my table. A week ago, I realized that it would make a great trendy headband, so I tied black ribbon to the ends and wore it with my fun sparkly shorts  and comfy pink converse for a dreamy, girl-next-door look.
Have a lovely Thanksgiving!


Dreams of Paris

Top: gift
Cardigan ($4): thrifted H&M
Jeans ($8): Macy's
Scarf($2): China
Boots($10): Meijer

My best friend gave me this cute Paris shirt a year ago, but I had nothing to match it! I was so glad when I came across this dust pink cardigan to pair with my shirt and jeans for a casual day off look. Thanks for all your sweet comments and congratulations--I'll be busy replying to them soon!



AHHH. I was featured on Thursday as Teen Vogue's Best-dressed Reader of the Day! I have always dreamed of being featured on Teen Vogue, so I am so ecstatic and grateful to everyone who has supported me along the way. Read the full article HERE and like Teen Vogue's Facebook post HERE.

I love scrounging around in my mom’s closet for vintage-y sweaters and retro shorts—the best part? I don’t have to a thing pay for it! 

This particular time, I dug up this sweet sweater with little floral details. I thought it was perfect with my newly-thrifted white lace skirt and rugged cowboy boots (also from my mom). I went for a modern vintage kind of look and sealed the deal with a cute bow belt from China and a timeless heart necklace.

Hope you’re having a fun and cozy fall lovelies!




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