Skating Skirt and Sketchbook Swirls

Sweater ($4)--thrifted J.Crew
Scarf ($2)--China
Skirt ($8)--Wet Seal
Socks ($2)--grocery store
Boots ($10)--grocery store

I felt like a figure skater when I braved the cold to take photos. This black skirt is such a versatile staple—I usually wear it for orchestra concerts but that chilly winter day I thought it was a fun addition to this trendy look. I even wore socks under my combat boots to keep my toes warm haha. The best deal in this ensemble was probably my thrifted sweater. If I’m not mistaken, J.Crew is a pretty pricey brand and I scored this comfy sweater for only $4! I think I’m addicted to deals. But you know what they say: I’m not a shopaholic, I’m just a clothes collector. I love it!
I even pulled out the old dusty sketchbook over winter break to play around with a few designs. Let me know what you think!




  1. Looking sunny and bright even in these snowy images. Very nice pictures and lovely outfit! I commend you on your very nice sketchbook images. They are every bit as stylish as your own personal style. Of those pictures, I love the pink gown and the final look with the red dress and bowtie handbag.

    Also, thanks for showcasing one of my comments! :)

  2. i loveeee ur outfit.. love how all the colors jus pop out:)
    Do check out my blog and lemme know if u wanna follow each other:)
    Hugs from India

  3. Hello again dear..,
    You always powerfull with color in every style you made.
    Thats fresh and happy style ,love it..
    btw,you like to draw your self.
    Same hobby with me, wmybe we can change a drawing dear..
    I'll try to draw your self in your style:)


  4. Very pretty dear! kisses.

  5. Definitely worth braving the cold, such great photos. We have had no snow yet only rain :(

  6. I love the orange and mint together! Perfection. You look too cute in this. It looks like a perfect outfit to go iceskating in! And your drawings are darling. I love them!

  7. The drawings are so cute! And great find with that sweater :)

  8. Love this outfit, I love how colorful it is, you look beautiful! That first picture I really thought you were at an ice skating rink!

    Beautiful designs too, you're very talented! I love all of them so much, I think the last one if my favorite!

  9. Your designs are beautiful! I especially love the bow purse with the collared dress!


  10. Cute sketch . Love it. Thanks for visiting my blog
    Let's follow each other. :)))

  11. You look amazing! I love your sweater! You sketches are cool! My fave sre the second and the last design! kisses chris

  12. hihi, your drawings are so cute!
    like the pictures.


    World of Plastic

  13. You look lovely! Adore the sweater and kudos to you for braving the cold. =)

  14. Happy New Year, you sweet Lily! I hope you have a great 2013 and that you continue to inspire us with your very colorful and happy outfits!

    I like your idea of being called a 'clothes collector', that's definitely something I will keep in mind every time my friends call me a 'shopaholic'! A black skater skirt is definitely a very versatile piece, you did such a great job layering it for the cold, you look so warm and that you're really enjoying playing with all that snow! Keep up with the sketches, they are very beautiful and I loved seeing them in this post!


  15. Gorgeous blog, love what you are wearing! Also the sketches are so adorable!

    <3, Sonshu,

  16. i adore your drawings <3
    lovely <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  17. I'm never sure where to wear the skater skirt. It doesn't seem to flatter my body at my waist or my hips. Hmmm.

    7% Solution​

  18. love love love the skirt with leggings look! :)

  19. I love how perfect this look is for the snow! casual yet stylish.

  20. love this sweater and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  21. Cute outfit, your jumper looks so bright against the snow, love it!


  22. love the outfit!
    I want snow here too :(

  23. Oh so pretty! I love the colors here. Mint really looks lovely on you. I'm pretty sure it's your color! :)

    && you're so sweet! I use a Canon T1i and I switch between lenses for outfit pictures, but usually stick with my f/2.8 100mm lens :D

  24. Oooooh! I would looove to wear something like in the last drawing ;) I can definitely see how you got that from my outfits! I love it :)
    I'm also trying to pack my suitcase for a trip to Japan (for cold weather, the opposite of what it is here right now) - your matching of your scarf with socks has inspired me! It looks awesome. Thank you :)

  25. Super cute!

    Huge hugs

  26. you're sketches are adorable! looks like you had fun iceskating! perfect, comfortable outfit for the occasion! -xo.melody

  27. You look SO cute! I love the bright colors, especially the mint scarf and socks!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  28. Cute! Definitely reminds me of a skating outfit! I'm going to be in the mountains skating this weekend, so thanks for the inspiration! :)

  29. Haha, definitely a cute ice skater look! I love how your outfits always fit perfectly with the name of your blog - colorful and bright :)
    The mix of mint and orangey-red are perfect

    Trendy Teal

  30. Nice post!

    xx Mounia

  31. Love your sense of style! And beautiful sketches! Following <3 Alex

  32. I love this outfit and your boots!!! ^^



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