Kind Strangers

Oh man. What a start to spring break.

Yesterday I dropped the phone I've had for 3 days in the sewer. After half an hour of 3 sketchy-looking teenagers trying to fish it out with half a music stand, a light bulb changer, and a clothes hanger, a passerby asked us if he could help just as we were about to leave.
It takes a great amount of kindness and patience to help 3 crazy teenagers fish a phone out of a sewer for two hours. After lots of duct tape and the help of a long wood stick, we finally got my phone out. 
The phone was surprisingly unscathed after the 8 foot fall in a little pouch. But what was even more miraculous was that a complete stranger donated so much of his time and effort to help a few crazy kids. I can only imagine how many stares we got. 
There's much more hope for the world than we think sometimes. I hope that I can continue the circle of kindness that I was touched with yesterday. 

 I've always believed that what happens in our lives is intentional. That man was truly a blessing and I hope I can return his kindness in some way.
These photos were taken only a few hours before my little fiasco. The weather was gorgeous so I headed right out. And I was having a good hair day--gotta take advantage of that haha. I got this lovely little bow with a gift card I won from a TrendyTeal giveaway--I haven't been too into hair accessories since I retired my flower, but this bow was just too cute to pass up. I can't wait to show you the pretty lace babydoll top I purchased as well (:

Firmoo also sent me a lovely little package with these, err, supposed to be sunglasses. I made the mistake of choosing only 20% tint (I obviously didn't think that one through) so they're a funny awkward shade. Don't make the same mistake as I did! But I do really love the frames--so timeless and chic. And for $16, it's a great deal. If you haven't heard, they have a first pair free program, so head over to check them out! Their glasses are the most chic and affordable I've seen on the web.

I'll leave you with this candid photo my brother captured. Have a lovely break/week!

Sweater, thrifted ($4)// Skirt, Target ($5)// Shoes, Target ($5)// Bow, Rire (won in giveaway)// Glasses, c/o Firmoo

Lace and Leather

Dress, vintage (gift)// Cardigan, Old Navy ($14)// Boots, stolen from mom// Necklace, Macy's ($5)// Belt, Forever 21

My best friend gave me this lovely vintage dress for my 16th birthday last summer. I don’t wear it too much because it feels a little too dressy for everyday, but I had to pull it out since I missed the frilly lace and pretty vintage vibe. A colorful cardigan, of course, is always the perfect comfy touch (: I was so happy that it was warm last week, so I dashed outside to take photos. Of course, my new camera made posing all the more fun haha.

Have a lovely weekend!

Foxes in the Forest

 Sweater, Macy's ($7)// Skirt, JCPenney ($3)// Boots, Stolen from Mom// Belt, Forever 21

If I look overly excited, it's because I was trying out my new Nikon D3100! I was ecstatic to get it in the mail on Friday. I'm still trying to figure out all the functions, so bear with me haha. Here's hoping the photos will look even better as I become familiar with my new camera (:
I've seemed to lean towards more trendy looks lately. I usually hate pencil skirts, but for $3, I couldn't pass this one up. And when I saw the sparkly fox sweater at Macy's, I knew it was meant to be. Don't worry, this was all a while ago--I haven't cheated on my Lent shopping ban yet!
On a side note, remember this outfit from here? I told you it was something I'd wear for a glamorous night out that only existed in my imagination. Well, I finally got to wear it out haha! A group of friends and I went out to see a symphony concert a couple weeks ago. Haha, dorky, I know. While the rest of the teenage world is partying, I'm out at an orchestra concert. I've given up on caring what other people think. If I'm happy, it's whatever. I really enjoyed myself anyway--I've never been much of a party-goer even though I'm usually extroverted. The theater was gorgeous--warm lights, beautiful red curtains, an entrancing dome. The half and hour Tchaikovsky? It only felt like fifteen minutes. I was absolutely enthralled. It's safe to say that I'll be there often. Here's a photo I took with my camera that fits the occasion. It's one of the pieces we heard.

Have a happy week! I have many more photos to share next time...I got a little snap-happy (:
P.S. Remember this chic brand, eShakti? Well, they're offering you all 20% off until March 20th with the code: BRSTFCLR
Happy shopping!

Vintage Chic

Vintage Chic

We got lucky again. It's another snow day! I decided to hone my fashion board skills since I have no outfit photos to show you yet (that, and the icy wonderland outside...) I have always lusted after some brown oxfords and dust pink, gold, and off white is a classic combo that can't be beat.
GREAT NEWS. I ordered my DSLR camera yesterday online! Happy dance! I ended up going with a Nikon D3100 and kit lens. I'll probably end up buying a 50mm lens after I learn how to work the camera first. I can't wait to show you photos once I get the camera in the mail. In the meantime, have a lovely week!


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