March 24, 2013

Kind Strangers

Oh man. What a start to spring break.

Yesterday I dropped the phone I've had for 3 days in the sewer. After half an hour of 3 sketchy-looking teenagers trying to fish it out with half a music stand, a light bulb changer, and a clothes hanger, a passerby asked us if he could help just as we were about to leave.
It takes a great amount of kindness and patience to help 3 crazy teenagers fish a phone out of a sewer for two hours. After lots of duct tape and the help of a long wood stick, we finally got my phone out. 
The phone was surprisingly unscathed after the 8 foot fall in a little pouch. But what was even more miraculous was that a complete stranger donated so much of his time and effort to help a few crazy kids. I can only imagine how many stares we got. 
There's much more hope for the world than we think sometimes. I hope that I can continue the circle of kindness that I was touched with yesterday. 

 I've always believed that what happens in our lives is intentional. That man was truly a blessing and I hope I can return his kindness in some way.
These photos were taken only a few hours before my little fiasco. The weather was gorgeous so I headed right out. And I was having a good hair day--gotta take advantage of that haha. I got this lovely little bow with a gift card I won from a TrendyTeal giveaway--I haven't been too into hair accessories since I retired my flower, but this bow was just too cute to pass up. I can't wait to show you the pretty lace babydoll top I purchased as well (:

Firmoo also sent me a lovely little package with these, err, supposed to be sunglasses. I made the mistake of choosing only 20% tint (I obviously didn't think that one through) so they're a funny awkward shade. Don't make the same mistake as I did! But I do really love the frames--so timeless and chic. And for $16, it's a great deal. If you haven't heard, they have a first pair free program, so head over to check them out! Their glasses are the most chic and affordable I've seen on the web.

I'll leave you with this candid photo my brother captured. Have a lovely break/week!

Sweater, thrifted ($4)// Skirt, Target ($5)// Shoes, Target ($5)// Bow, Rire (won in giveaway)// Glasses, c/o Firmoo

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  1. I love your look! Kisses.

  2. Hehe, 20% tint sunglasses! That's exciting. They're actually kind of cool, and I know that Robert Downey Jr. is a fan of slightly tinted sunglasses... or whatever kind of glasses they are. Inbetweenies, haha. They're still really neat, though, and goodness I love the print on your top, Miss Lily!

    Aaandddd aaaahhhhhhh! Your comment was so sweet to read. I love that you said your blog is like your Hanna Montanah life... oh gosh, that is seriously the most perfect comparison I've heard, and I definitely feel the same way. It's so much easier talking to strangers, right? haha, but we're all not so strange and different. Thank you, Lily, for being such a lovely blog friend :)

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  4. You look incredibly cute, love the little bow on your head ! I am sorry for your moment of bad luck...such things are so annoying ! Kisses

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  5. You look so cute! Great bow :) Hyped on Lookbook too :) I'm following you now on Bloglovin :)

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  6. How nice of that man to help you out! So glad your phone made it out ok :) It really is nice to hear about kind people like that. You look simply adorable! Your accessories are so very cute and, well-so are you! I love your glasses-what a nice shape you chose.

  7. Lovely sweater. I love its print. That bow clip is just too cute!!!

  8. Hi Lily, you look amazing! I love your skirt and necklace! kisses chris

  9. Oh good, so glad your phone made it out alive! Also, a stranger's kindness is so unexpected but wonderful, isn't it?
    And I like what you picked out from Rire - that bow is just so adorable and adds the perfect touch to your cute outfit Lily :)

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    Trendy Teal

  10. Those were very lovely strangers! It's great to have them around, compared to others that won't even stand up to give an elderly their seat! Aside from that, lovely outfit, the bow is adorable!

  11. What an incredible story!!! So glad your phone is ok :) And you look so adorable in this outfit, the cute little bow is the perfect touch! ;)


  12. You look so cute, love the bow!
    And what a great story! It's people like that, that end up restoring our faith in humanity!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Love love love it! You look fabolous and i like the shirt! =)

    I´ve seen your blog and just to say : It´s AWESOME!

    I´d like to follow you!

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  14. I was about to gush over your gorgeous hair when you mentioned having a good hair day. You know it girl! It's beautiful! And I love the print on your top, so pretty for Spring. That is funny about the sunnies. I can't even tell they're tinted! And what a kind, generous stranger! He helped you for 2 hours?! That's a seriously selfless person.

  15. Your phone story cracked me up! What a way to start spring break!

  16. You look amazing Lily! Thanks so much for choosing my comment to be your fave of the week =D It's because you have such incredible style =D I'm LOVING this ensemble so much! The bow is such a cute touch!

  17. ah, the bow is so cute that you are wearing here! i just love wearing bows in my hair. your outfit is so perfect too! you have such a lovely style.

    lindsey louise

  18. your bow is very cute! i'm glad there are kind people out there and they always brighten my day. hurray to survivor phones :)

    p.s. i'm so excited you're visiting washu! enjoy the architecture on campus and if the weather is nice you should wander over to forest park. go to the south 40, where the freshman dorms are. olin library's "whispers" cafe is where i spent most of my 4 years studying and hanging out. i really miss it ! email me if any questions pop up i'll respond on the fly.

    pandaphilia fashion

  19. Love your bow! You look so pretty with it!!!

  20. love the cute bow :)

  21. love this sweater and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  22. you look so cute ! i love your pin hair and top :)

  23. How nice of that man to help you! I'm glad you phone was not broken! And cute outfit, I love that little hair bow and your shoes!

  24. hahahah I laughed so hard at your story of fetching the phone... 'clothes hanger' LOL the number of times I have done that. Hilarious! And how charming do you like with that bow tie in your hair? So cute!!


  25. wow, that's really nice of him. it's good to know that there are still people like him out in the world. a little act of kindness really goes a long way. congrats on having your phone back!

    sa for the outfit, you look super adorable! lovin the bow!

    xo, carla

  26. Amazing outfit dear ! :*
    Im following you now and I hope you can follow me back.:d



  27. Patricia

  28. It is really refreshing to read of random people committing happiness and helping others- especially in these times. Your polka dot bow is as cute as your smile. Nice outfit, Lily! I like the whole outfit.


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