March 6, 2013

Vintage Chic

Vintage Chic

We got lucky again. It's another snow day! I decided to hone my fashion board skills since I have no outfit photos to show you yet (that, and the icy wonderland outside...) I have always lusted after some brown oxfords and dust pink, gold, and off white is a classic combo that can't be beat.
GREAT NEWS. I ordered my DSLR camera yesterday online! Happy dance! I ended up going with a Nikon D3100 and kit lens. I'll probably end up buying a 50mm lens after I learn how to work the camera first. I can't wait to show you photos once I get the camera in the mail. In the meantime, have a lovely week!

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  1. i dont really like the shoes but the rest is looking amazing. :)

  2. This is sooo cute and girly! I love the vintagey sort of vibe with the oxfords and satchel bag :)
    Have fun on your snow day! Lucky :b

    Trendy Teal


  3. Oh, how sweet is this outfit?! I love the matching shoes and messanger bag. Cute cute indeed.

    Also, congrats on getting your camera!!! eeeee I hope it comes quickly! :D

  4. Congratulations to you on ordering your DLSR camera. This outfit here is comfortable and chic. Nice one, Lily! Hope all is well with you.

  5. Great for spring, romantic and comfy xx

  6. Ahhh.. I have a Nikon 3200!!! But no idea what I'm doing ;) It's still on auto.

    But, still doing the happy dance with you! Now go stalk your mailman! ;)

    I am LOVING this outfit! I keep telling myself to get a pair of oxfords, in hopes I can pull it off. Target has some really cute mint ones!

    And all this vintage vibe I'm getting, I'm dying!!! LOVE IT!

  7. cute outfit!! love the lace top of the dress

  8. What a gorgeous set! I'm loving the skirt so much! =D The key necklace is beyond adorable!
    Twitter: Sensiblestylist

  9. Thank you for your lovely comment! I follow you on GFC! XOXO

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  11. Love it ! :)

  12. What a great outfit! I've been lusting after a good pair of oxfords for months!
    Also, what app/ website did you use to make your style board?

  13. Indeed a great combo! Loving the brown hues for oxford and bag.
    I can't wait to see your new camera!


  14. Oh a snow day! Who doesn't love those? Those oxfords are the cutest thing ever. I love the soles of them!

  15. ahhhh.... I love everything here....

  16. Mazal Tov to your camera,that's a lovely thing to have at home :)
    And thank you for your sweet bday wish comment on my blog,it made me smile !
    Looking forward to your next post and hopefully by then the snow will have disappeared !

  17. love it

  18. cute outfit!

  19. This is such a cute outfit, so girly and sweet. Love it!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  20. so cute!


  21. I'm back in the blogging world, finally! It was nice to find your posts after a long pause :) Enjoy taking good pictures with your future camera! Oh and that collection is so cute! Oxfords and that Alexa bag are my all-time-favorites.

    xoxo Eeva

  22. very nice selection
    i love the bag

  23. Super cute board :) I love the romantic and bohemian elegance of it. Lace looks sooo awesome with brown leather (or faux leather) :)


  24. woooooow fantastic outfit!! this skirt is very nice!!!

    xoxo sivi

  25. I love that outfit! That bag is so cute and adorable shoes! It is very girly and vintage and cute!

  26. Love the pattern mixing and bit classic touch :)
    That lace dress makes me crazy...



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