Polka Dots and Pastels

Oh my. It's been quite awhile. Life just took over, and there was absolutely nothing I could do. 
What a crazy year--whoever told me that sophomore year was the hardest was gravely mistaken; junior years trumps it by far. But the good news is that I'm free now! Ah, it's summer...

Top and hair bow, Rire// Cardigan, thrifted H&M ($4)// Pants, Old Navy ($7)// Scarf, China ($2)// Flats, Target ($6)

These outfits and photos are pretty old--they're actually from over spring break haha...whoops! It's way to hot in the ever-bipolar Ohio for pants and a cardigan now. But I did want to show off some of the things I got in my cute package from Rire! I won a TrendyTeal giveaway a few months back and ordered this pretty babydoll top and cute hair bow.
 I think I have a problem...pink and mint are just too cute together to resist! 

Do you ever think that you helped start a trend? I hesitate to say things like that because it almost sounds self-righteous and slightly haughty, but I feel that way with the pink and mint combo. Remember this look, from the fall? That was all the way back in September, and since then, I've seen it all over the blogging world....there were also been several mint scarf sightings at school this past year. Maybe it's just me, I don't know haha. But it's kinda nice to think that something you were part of the beginnings of caught on.

Oh, so much has happened since my last post. For one, there was my first high school prom. It was a mess trying to find a dress since I'm not exactly tall haha, so every hem is too long. I ended up checking the measurements of one that caught my fancy online and it was perfect when it came in the mail! I wish I had gotten a full-length photo of just me, but you get the general idea from this one:

It was this pretty, flowy chiffon material with a Roman-inspired design. And since some of you I know are writing geeks like me, I think it's fitting to share how I was asked. 

I emailed a copy of my personal philosophy papers for AP Lang to my friend to edit while I was on my WashU visit, and the Saturday I came back, he handed them back to me edited. I kind of cringed a little since I knew that they were some really, really, rough rough drafts and I told him: "Oooh, I'm not sure I want those back."
But he responded, "Trust me, you do."
I didn't really think anything of it, so I thanked him and took the papers. But later when I looked over his edits, I saw that he had written tips to improve the papers on the last page, and the first letter of each tip spelled out prom! 
It was super sweet and original. I had a lovely time--I'm a terrible dancer but I still love dancing haha. And while on the topic of writing and such, I found out that my memoir received national honors through the National Council of Teachers of English! I was super excited since I had spent hours over my winter break typing it for English. Now, I've just gotta conquer those college app essays...

I have a feeling that the extra time that comes with summer won't feel like extra time. But I can only do what I can. Just a little heads up, I'm currently in the process of making a violin cover/music video for Pink's "Give me a Reason." I'm super pumped!

I can finally say this...happy summer!


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