June 15, 2013 Horsham, PA, USA

On the Road: Horsham, Pennsylvania

        Put me with piles of summer work, my devilish little brother, a slight shortage of sleep due to late-night quartet rehearsal, college destinations eight hours away, and you get the above photo. I was more than ecstatic to leap out of the car after hours of being cramped in the backseat with my fellow restless companion. Of course, then a few nearby trees caught my eye and I proceeded to whip out my camera and creepily snap countless shots of their flowers by the hotel entrance. 

        The golden sunset struck my fancy as well, so I dragged my brother to do an impromptu photoshoot. And this was all right by the hotel before we saw any colleges! I think I may have a problem...

Top, LC Lauren Conrad ($5)// shorts, thrifted J.Crew ($8)// necklace, c/o eFoxcity// shoes, Sear's ($3)

        I was happy with the way the photos turned out though--especially this shot of my little photographer! The hotel we stayed at was pretty nice; as soon as I saw the fancy fitness room I made up my mind haha. Hey, a cross country girl's gotta run! And those free cookies certainly didn't hurt either...

        One funny thing I noticed at breakfast was that both mornings there was half a chocolate doughnut, cut neatly down the middle, among its other whole companions.

Hmmm, how strange, I thought. What kind of person was able to control the desire to simply gobble the entire thing up?
        I came up with a plethora of theories as I pondered over my oatmeal. The simple solution would be that it was a person on a diet who couldn't resist just a few bites of the tantalizing treat. But I wanted to know more.
        It's a man, I decided as I stirred my coffee. And he must be alone, otherwise he would've offered the other half to whoever was with him...maybe...he lost his wife in a tragic accident ten years ago. The couple was deeply in love, so in a tribute to her memory, he returns to the same hotel where they stayed each year for vacation. And at breakfast each morning, he has only half a chocolate doughnut because she always had the other half!

        It was a rather cliche and bittersweet story, but I was satisfied.

        I honestly am such a hopeless romantic. And I'm also excessively idealistic about life. Perhaps I'm just a child at heart and always will be. There are so many huge decisions to make in the near future with colleges, and when all the work begins to bury me, my heart sometimes yearns to relive those brown bag lunch and playground days. Little kids honestly don't know how good they have it sometimes. Like Peter Pan, why couldn't I have just never grown up? College tuition is scary, and taxes even more frightening. But of course, it's just a fleetingly wistful feeling that disappears once my excitement to get out in the real world takes over. I want to travel, make my own decisions, be independent. And if I pass my driver's test in just a few weeks, that's just the first step.
       But speaking of Peter Pan, could I just draw your attention to this exquisite necklace? eFoxcity has some of the cutest jewelry I've ever seen, so when their package arrived in the mail with this cute one, I fell in love. I think I'm developing a slight obsession with peter pan collars, so it's a rather good thing that their website has many other peter pan collar options (: They mostly feature some of trendiest and of-moment drop ship clothing, formal dresses (since it's wedding season we can't forget their wedding dresses under $100!), and gorgeous jewelry like poodle rings, mustache necklaces, and peter pan collars. You'll be seeing this one very often haha. But seriously, go take a look at their trendy and affordable jewelry!

        More about the actual college visits soon! Have a beautiful weekend lovelies!

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  1. "creepily snap photos" hahaha oh my goodness, I know that feeling! You find something awesome to take pictures of and just whip out your camera and go at it and occassional passerbys are like whut? Whatever. They don't understand. ;)

    Oh gosh... your half donut story was lovely. Aw. That's so sweet. I seriously adore that you thought up of a reason for why there was half a donut. You're precious. There's nothing wrong with being idealistic because I think it just makes you want to work harder at your goals and go farther, you know? :D

    And now onto your outfit--that collar is so cute! I love all the little intricate, lace-like details on it. And your curly hair is so so pretty, Miss Lily!

    PS) I love that you said your blog is like your secret Hannah Montana life. You are SO RIGHT. It's okay for people online to see it, but real life people? NOPE haha.

  2. Haha, I always feel slightly creepy when I whip out my monster camera and start snapping pics - so don't worry, you're not the only one ;)
    I love your floaty tank and cute peter pan necklace! Also, what an adroable photographer you have :D
    Haha, have fun exploring colleges!

    Trendy Teal

  3. okay, your little shoes are so cute! i bet they are extremely comfy as well. college tuition is scary! and choosing the right college is so stressful, but you will make the right choice!

    lindsey louise


  4. Haha your little brother looks adorable actually you two look alike (don't hate me) lol
    I think you look very cute in this sheer pink top! Hope both of our weather turns well really soon :)

  5. Wow, your little brother is a great photogapher! These pictures are so pretty and fun! I love your necklace! And great doughnut story :) I know what you mean, I am a very idealistic person too. Soon I have to make college decisions too, and it's all coming so fast!


  6. How cute are you!? Love that pink top on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Tuition and "the real world" are scarier than monsters under the bed! Anyway, great look- you look adorable!


    P.S. I've got a giveaway on my blog!

  8. Girl I take pictures of everything when I'm blogging, you should see the look on some people's face when I take three/four photos of the same flower!

    Love those cool shoes!

    - Che

  9. thank you for your cute comment
    I love your shoes and your necklace too

  10. A burst of color, and an explosion of cuteness. This is a very nice outfit! Lovely hair and smile. I really like the top you're wearing, and I also like the shoes. Best wishes to you. Stay awesome, Lily! :)



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