July 26, 2013

Persunmall Lust list

Oh, online shopping...I've noticed that most people either love it or avoid it completely. But if you're on that online shopping grind, I want to share some of my favorite pieces from chic online shop called Persunmall! My favorite part was that they often offered multiple colors of various items--don't like that blue? Well, they've got it in red! Don't like the color scheme of that scarf? Don't worry, they've got multiple other options! Happy browsing about (:

Also, hold up for a couple hours. I have an update I know you lovelies have been dying to hear.

Beach Bohemian

Ahh, I sigh with wistfulness for the beach. My heart yearns to hear the crashing white waves, feel the warm sand between my toes, inhale the salty ocean air. And what better than a cool skirt to billow in the whispering wind, a lovely crop top to feel the tickling breeze?

Simply Sweet

Do you see the bustling school campus? Can you envision the sparkling chandeliers, the winding staricases? Can you hear the whoosh of passing cars? This is my favorite look--I have a soft spot for dust pink, gold accents, and brown oxfords. I could see this look everywhere--from school to a fancy gathering to shopping.


The tall grass dances in the soft breeze as horses neigh in the background. The prarie is open, beckoning for you to prance through the fields, twirling to the inner rhythms of the earth.

We all yearn to be somewhere else sometimes--far from the burdens of everyday life, free from the petty problems of modern society. The lulling seas, the vast praries--they are my dreamlands, the destinations I long to surround me in my sleep.

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