July 1, 2013

Rainy Day Tales

It's rather gross and overcast out today, so what better time to tell a story? Imagine the steady patter of raindrops, a steaming cup of hot chocolate, a cozy blanket...

Ahh, the perfect story-telling setting.

Listen, my children, and you shall hear the blogging tales of my career...

Eh, I'm not sure how much I like that. Huh, I've never noticed the trochaic-iambic transition in the Paul Revere poem (hehe nerd reference to all the rhythms of poetry).

How about this?

Listen, my children, and you shall hear the blogging tales of Lily here.

Ah, much better.

Blazer, Kohl's ($8)// Top, Kohl's ($5)// Skirt, JCPenney ($3)// Heels, Payless ($30)// Necklace, Kohl's ($5)
Whew, all these items from Kohl's haha! To share the love, you can use the code BLOGGER10 to get 10% off online until July 11--you can even use it with another coupon code!

I'll be honest with you: I'm not sure what exactly compelled me to create a fashion blog. 

In 2010, I was just a gangly middle schooler, wearing outrageous ensembles of voluminous skirts over striped leggings, tank tops over t-shirts, or (I cringe slightly as I type this) shorts over skinny jeans.
Note: I later decided that these ensembles were too embarassing, so I deleted many earlier posts. Now, I wish I hadn't.

On the outside, I was fearless.

"Only you could pull that off," my friends told me admiringly.

But on the inside, I was a pretty insecure kid, just like the many others surrounding me.

It's something I believe we all go through. Trying to figure out who we are, where we belong (if anywhere), what we stand for. And it's really a life-long process. Few people, if any, truly discover their identities. It's something we build, create, and mold as we travel the winding road of life. The journey is what truly matters, not the destination.

But enough of my age-old philosopher thoughts for now. (Do you see the stereotypical old man with the pensive look on his face, scratching his long, white beard?)

So ol' middle school me, crazy outfits and all, took to the blogging world for no apparent reason. My first memories of blogging were the stunning photos and seamless outfits on Chictopia. They left me in complete awe and sucked me right into the colorful world of style.

Countless photos and many posts later, Burst of Color has become much more than a fashion blog. It is now an unfiltered online diary, what I like to call my Hannah Montana life. 

There's a delicate balance to maintain in this blogging business. I hesitate to tell my friends about my blog--heck, many of them didn't know until recently this year! It seems frivolous and rather narcissistic on the outside. We take piles photos of ourselves and post them, for gosh sake!

But there's so much more to that.

If you believe that fashion is frivolous, blogging goes hand in hand with that. But fashion is so much more than designer brands, the latest trend--in my opinion, that's not fashion at all! It's just blindly following the pack. Fashion is a form of art, a form of self-expression. You can tell so many things about a person just from the way she dresses.

Style, really, is just as frivolous as any form of art. Sure, that painting looks nice, yes, that music sounds nice, but what purpose does it serve?

You'll never really know if you have to ask. It's kind of like running--you have to do it, have to develop the taste for it to truly understand.

The artist pours his soul into creating that bucolic landscape, the violinist sways to a rhythm just beyond the stretches of reality. It is a different world, the world of art.

And the fashion enthusiast? She faces a closet of possibilities each day, deliberates over all the possible ensembles, sometimes tossing things aside, digging through piles, sometimes (well, more often than not) resulting in a mess of clothes strewn all over the floor.

Then the perfect combination appears out of thin air. And an elated smile appears on her face.

Style is a wearable form of art. Just like the others, we pour our time and effort into creating daily chef d'oeuvres (Translate: masterpieces. Excuse my French, I just couldn't resist!)

It is a hobby, an activity, a lifestyle.

So please don't feel guilty about sharing your personal creations to the world. I promise I'll try to do the same. We may have different ideas of stylish, but out desire to be well-dressed is universally understood in the colorful world of fashion. 

And that insecure girl? I'd like to believe that I've shed her completely, but tinges of her pop up from time to time. But slowly, I've been letting go, and it's a beautiful thing to not care what other people think.

There are tulmultuous months ahead, my friends. A few days ago, I got a med school application in the mail and my heart sank a little (Update: I no longer wish to pursue med...I was influenced by all my premed friends when I wrote this but now wish to pursue law with only my own influence). It's all coming too soon. As ready as I am to get out, begin creating my own story, the familiar world is always difficult to leave behind. And an uncertain future is always an unpromising prospect.

So much right now is circumstantial. And I don't like that--it scares me to death. I want a plan. I want the concrete. I'd really just like to know where and how I'll spend the next four plus years of my life right now!

The next few months will be a whirlwind of deep reflecting, countless essay drafts, tedious applications, nerve-wracking decisions, heartbreaking disappointments, and (fingers crossed) exhilarating successes.

My attempt to capture the moon...I went a little overboard with the filters haha, but the unedited version is the big photo.

And as cliche as it is, I think it fits nicely. 

I'm shooting for the moon, and perhaps if I miss, I'll land among the stars.

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  1. Aw, so many things to comment on this post! First of all, that is so exciting that you're getting ready to go to med school! It's always terrifying to start a new path, but from what I can see by reading your blog, you're extremely intelligent and awesome, so I'm sure you'll be fantastic at whatever you decide to do! Secondly, I love the nerdy poetry reference! That made me smile :)
    THIRDLY I used to wear tank tops over t-shirts too! What was with that trend? Did it even make any sense? Haha, oh I cringe at little me sometimes :)
    I really love so many things about this outfit too-the color of your blazer is so wonderful and bright, it is fantastic-and those nude wedges are gorgeous!
    Have a great day Lovely! :)

  2. Love this outfit!!!
    Great post, and best of luck in med school!!!!
    I'm sure you're going to begreat!!
    Anyways, you have a great blog & great style.
    I'm following you :)

    La Dolce Moda

  3. so lovely post dear.....and that blazer is so sweet

  4. Well said Lily! I love your positive spirit and your outlook in life, goal and your free spirited sense of fashion!
    As I'm on my way to the souring Vegas, thank you for the words of encouragement!

  5. Great pics and I like tat post. Have a great day.


  6. Best wishes to you moving forward, Lily. You know I've always had full and total respect for you. Your outfit here is very nice. I certainly like the blazer and the wedge slingback pumps.


  7. You look super cute!!! loving your blazer and necklace so much. And I am wishing you all the best. :)

    Style Without Limits

  8. Oh Lily, you always hit it home for me in your thoughtful posts. I feel like I'm reading my own thoughts, only you put it so much more eloquently. Yes, yes, and yes to everything you're saying! My fashion blog used to be a secret I had to keep hidden because I was embarrassed of what my friends would think of me posting fashion photos of myself. But you said it perfectly with how its more than that. Its art we put together and wear for the world to see.
    I'm loving your artful outfit as well. The chic look is pretty! Love that skirt and your lace top

    Trendy Teal

  9. maybe we're all narcissists to a degree? i'm a recent follower but i really loved reading about your early stages of fashion [[[if someone claims to never have a cringeworthy period of outfit wearing they're lying]]] & just your thoughts in general! you're part fashionista, musician, athlete, and dare i say philosopher in the making? i loved the idea of not just surface level niceness, but going beyond the surface to find the deeper meaning, the purpose of the piece - whether it be outfits, paintings, or songs like you said; props to you for getting that! anyway, i don't need to wish you luck because i know you'll do great with your college apps! (:

  10. Oh Lily, Lily, Lily!! This post is so beautifully written, and first I must point out my favorite parts and descriptions. The philosopher with the beard, the pitter pattering of rain, "bucolic landscape,"... aaaah, you paint such pretty pictures with your words! :)

    And of course, "The Hannah Montana" lifestyle that you spoke of... that is all so true, ha ha!

    I agree that style is art. Just art that you wear and can show to the world. That really is the best way to put it, and I believe that's why we have to go through so many different phases through middle school and high school and the like... until we finally scrape ourselves into some semblance of our own "style." We're always developing and improving, though. :)

  11. Oh turdbuckets, I forgot to comment on your outfit! you got me too focused on your lovely post.

    I really adore that mint and pink. You sure do love mint and pink, don'tcha?? ;) Hehe, no shame in that!

  12. I don't think your blog supposed to be only about fashion, you have wonderful personality for sure and you have what to say to us! I also think yo uare a pretty girl with a lovely sense of style) Thanks for sharing such a nice post!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  13. Love the green blazer.


  14. This outfit is so cute. I love the skirt and blazer! Good luck with the road ahead. I think you'll be just fine, it'll all work out for the best!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. I love that blazer! It is my favourite colour and has cute little polka dots on it. Perfect.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  16. Love your outfit with the printed mini skirt and blazer, and it's so nice to hear about how you started your blog :)

    Away From The Blue

  17. What a great post Lily! It really got me madly in love with fashion and style all over again and reminded me why I started my blog. It's definitely more than just taking pretty photos. Thank you girl, you are amazing!

    Fang Ting

  18. LOVE LOVE x


  19. Honestly, I can relate a lot to your story about how I got started in blogging. A lot of my friends still tell me that I could pull of certain outfits, butI had so much insecurity, that I think my blog has helped in a way. Congrats on med school. Will you have time for a blog then?

    And you look absolutely charming. I'm totally jealous of your nice legs.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Would you like to follow each other and stay in touch?


  20. Oh Lily, what a lovely post! I love that you shared your story and don't worry, we all have dubious sartorial moments, which all tend to define us in retrospect. ;)

    How exciting that you're applying for med school! It is impossible to accurately describe the incredibly turbulent ride that is med school - there is such a vacillation between highs and lows - but if it's in your heart, I say that you should go for it! In Australia, it works differently - I attended med school straight after high school - but I think the ultimate goal of all doctors is the same and very much driven by a compassionate need for helping the infirmed. If you want more specific questions relating to my experience, feel free to email me! :)

    Keep up the beautiful work and of course you shouldn't be feeling insecure these days - you are grown into an exquisite creature with a smile that absolutely radiates!

    Thank you for your sweet words too. <3

    <3 Mandy xx

  21. you're perfect, love this skirt


  22. You are such an articulate writer. Your eloquence really pops up and stands out, distinguishing you from the sea of bloggers out there! I ALWAYS love reading your posts.

    You look absolutely amazing. The mixed prints are too cute, Lily!

    Twitter: Sensiblestylist

  23. your outfit is so stylish
    visit my blog : http://nicoraulea.blogspot.ro/

  24. I completely agree with you! If you're just wearing the latest trends and name brands you don't understand fashion. Fashion is an outward expression of your true self, it IS a form of art!
    Good luck with all your applying and essay writing girl! I know your hard work is going to pay off!!
    Oh and this outfit? SO cute!! That blazer was $8?! I'm unbelievable jealous, it's gorgeous! ANd that little birdie necklace is just so darling :)

  25. love that mixing Lily <3
    Polkadots as my fav, n still to be cute as your style..


  26. Good luck! I love everything about this outfit, the lace, the colour scheme, the shoes and the polka dots.

  27. This was written beautifully, and accurately! I haven't told my friends about my blog for the same reasons. And yet, I still really enjoy having one!
    For what it's worth, you look great in this post! I'm in love with your shoes haha

  28. This is beautifully written! My situation was, let's say, similar: two years ago, I wore horrible clothes and was devoted to books, school and above all "non-shallow" activites only. If some aquaintances from high school come across my blog now, they must be thinking: "What's that? Is it possible that the girl who was all about reading turned to fashion blogging, which is all about appearance?" But, like you wrote, it is so much more and I'm glad to be a part of it :) If not for other reasons, just because I got the chance to meet many interesting people, including you!

    Btw, compliments on the outfit - again :)

    All the best, Lara

  29. very nice look! love the blazer so much!

  30. Very beautiful mix ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog www.gabusiek.blogspot.com

  31. Right, fashion aint about only various brands, of course brands also form the fashion, but after all to mitchmatch either branded or unbranded thingy is the art of what fashion really meant :) cool mint colour btw :3


  32. I love your writing! You are such a sweet and genuine girl. I totally agree that blogging is more about sharing stories and style and influencing others than just frivolous fashion trends.. and the people you meet in the blog world will always support you and form friendships with you! Thank you for sharing your story of how you began your blog, it truly is inspirational!

    Xo, Hannah



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