August 25, 2013

FitFlops: A Flip-Flop Revolution

Content provided by SoleProvisions:

The design of the humble flip flop has remained the same for over three thousand years, when the early Mesopotamians and Egyptians began using them – until now.  Unfortunately, the traditional flip flop design has a great deal of drawbacks.  While it protects the foot from hot sand and hot pavement, the flip flop does nothing else.  Without any support, flip flops worn for a long period of time can cause a number of foot problems, including over-pronation (an inward rolling of the foot), tendonitis and even ankle sprains.  FitFlop has taken the design of the flip flop and viewed it from a medical angle as well as a comfort angle.  By doing so, FitFlop has completely redesigned the flip flop, eliminating most of the foot problems regular flip flops can case.  You can see some examples of classic FitFlops at
To create their shoes, the designers at FitFlop work with doctors to develop a shoe that is fashionable, supportive, cushioning and even toning.  The key to the FitFlop is the three levels of ethyl vinyl acetate or EVA in the sole.  Having three layers allows the heel to be thick and firm to absorb shock, while the toe area has moderate support, with the midsole finishing the set with a soft center.  The reason for the soft center is to create a slightly unstable walking surface spread out over a good portion of your foot.  This unusual walking surface tricks the brain into thinking that the shoe is trying to make you fall.  Although you won’t fall, the brain issues orders to your body that causes the wearer stand up straighter and also to use the leg muscles more for balancing.  

FitFlop footwear has the potential to alleviate pain from the concentration of foot pressure by distributing the pressure over a larger area and thus reducing pain.  At least one academic study found a significant reduction in the pressure load portions of the foot bear when wearing a FitFlop sandal.  
The second generation of FitFlops bear the FF2 label.  A great source for comfort shoe of any shape and size is the internet retailer  The FF2 carries some design tweaks that allow FitFlops to go beyond flip-flops to casual shoes and walking shoes for slimmer sizes.  

Given the very recent genesis of the FitFlop sandal and shoe, FitFlop has performed a miracle in terms of the variety of styles, colors and materials it can offer the consumer.  With summer drawing to a close, now is a great time to find deals on FitFlops so you can try your first pair for less.  Once you try one, you’ll be hooked.  

My take on SoleProvisions:

Upon browsing the website, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that such practical shoes could still be stylish. While the prices are far from inexpensive or cheap, often times better quality and support is well worth the value. I learned this firsthand when I bought a pair of Ugg-style boots a couple years ago; while I can safely vouch for the quality--the boots were still Australian-made with genuine sheep's wool--the bottoms wore out quickly. When I examined my friend's pair of real Uggs, however, the soles were still completely intact. Moral of the story: sometimes pricier items are justifiably so!

Below are some of my favorite chic and practical shoes:
A girl can never go wrong with a pair of classic, sensible black heels. I would pair these pretties with a periwinkle skater dress and some silver accents or a monochromatic, black outfit for an orchestra concert.

 The fashionista has to have at least a couple comfy days a week! I'd slip these on in the chillier fall with leggings and a sweatshirt.

Nude dress shoes. Need I say more?
Bronze takes a classic pair of kicks up a notch. These effortlessly-stylish puppies are perfect for giving a girly outfit a touch of edge--styled well with a pretty pink dress!

If you're on the look for a pair of stylish, comfortable, and sensible shoes, definitely take a gander at! With countless options, you'll definitely find your sole mates (;

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