August 10, 2013

Put Your Records On

Dress, Von Maur ($14)// Heels, Payless ($30)...I find it slightly ironic that one of my most expensive buys was from a store called Payless// Belt, Forever 21// Necklace, Macy's ($4)// Ring, Amy O Jewelry (Chictopia Reward)

Just the second ol' batch of senior photos. Prepare for an onslaught of photos haha--these were my favorites.

I've felt like a rapid-speed machine ever since I returned from camp. I miss the days when my calendar was empty, before jolting schedule reminders replaced my usually-silent phone. Before menacing yellow squares indicating a packed schedule replaced the white ones indicating a day to do whatever I pleased, on whatever whim.

As much as my teammates and I complained about the straitjacket showers, less-than-appetizing food, two-a-day runs, and cramped, musty cabins, I long for the serene grassy hills, the warm rays of sun, the stretching cornfields, the winding country roads, the long distance runs, the star-dotted sky, the quaint little haven encircled by the tranquil woods.

Oh, I miss cross country camp.

Before I jump into another little tale, I'd like to acknowledge all your kind words on my previous few posts. I hope I haven't sounded like a blubbering, wistful mess. As strong as the pressure to appear perfect is in today's society, I like to treat this blog as a place where I can bare my soul and show others that they are not alone. And perhaps you yourself can pick little tidbits of wisdom up from my ramblings. If I have influenced just one person in a positive way, my heart is content.

If all goes well, I'll be able to talk it out with him tomorrow. To catch up. To fully understand each other. To salvage and rebuild our friendship. 

It's always uncanny when you stumble upon song lyrics or little sayings that suit your situation flawlessly. I named this post after a pretty song by Corinne Bailey Rae because every time I feel a little down, I turn to music to perk my mood up. And today at an Asian buffet, I knew my fortune cookie was not a coincidence.

It said, "The stars appear every night in the sky. All is well."

I developed a penchant for the heavens after reading his essays about the wonders of the sky, after his many texts prompting me to take a look at the gorgeous moon on its brilliant nights. The words left a bittersweet taste in my mouth; perhaps when you fall for someone that hard, certain things will always bring back a wave of numbness.

But enough of that.

The sky is a magical place. I've become intrigued by it, even though I tend to have a strong distaste for all things infinite. The idea of a never-ending universe makes me shiver, I shy away from astronomical science (black holes and the idea of a perpetual free fall through space make me grimace), and though as a child, the “TV Scenario,” a figment of my imagination, may have intrigued me, it also made my mind want to explode. What would happen if you were watching TV and on TV it showed a person watching TV and that TV showed another person watching TV and then another watching TV…and so on? Or what if you were an actor auditioning for a role and the audition scene was an actor auditioning for a role and that scene was an actor auditioning for a role…and so on? Infinity may never end, but my patience definitely does.

Back to the story. Back to my fortune. Back to my last night at camp.

A passive account simply cannot do those beautiful moments justice. Here, I'll attempt to bring it life and relive it through a narrative.

The flicker of the dancing flames radiates warmth as I inhale the cool summer air. Entranced, I am in another world, barely hearing the incessant chatter of my teammates and the deep boom of the blasting dance music complemented by flashing lights in my peripheral vision.  I sigh and glance in the direction the dining hall-turned crowded dance floor. It was never really my scene.

I focus my attention once again on the bonfire; my eyes follow the fierce blaze to the feathery flames, then I finally gaze up towards the sky as the golden sparks retreat into the darkness.

I pause abruptly.

The milky sky is like a black canvas and various midnight shades left at the disposal of an impressionist artist--Van Gogh, perhaps. Countless white orbs dot the darkness like tiny lanterns. Captivated, I wander towards an empty bench and lie down, soaking in the cathartic sparkle of the beautiful scene.

I call over to my teammates. "Hey, guys, look at the stars!" I gesture towards the heavens, "They're gorgeous--I can't believe I didn't bother to look until today."

One particular teammate expresses a similar fascination. "Oh my gosh, it's beautiful."

After hurrying back to the cabin to grab a towel and muse under the stars, we decide to take a gander at the dance scene. As soon as I step into the packed, uncomfortably warm room, I wince. The flashing colorful lights make my head spin; I feel oddly out of place--I'm on the outside looking in at the sea of gyrating bodies.

"Candace, I'm going to have a seizure or something!"

So we retreat back to our dome-like world surrounded by the dark outlines of tall trees. I rest my head on the towel, feeling the cool grass beneath my fingertips as I drink from the Big Dipper, wave at the Twins, allowing the starry sky to liberate my soul.

A streak of white flashes in the corner of my left eye.

"Candace, did you just see that?! Was that a shooting star?"

I sense her confirmation before she nods eagerly.

"Ahh, we just saw a shooting star!" I erupt into a fit of giggles, kicking my legs.

Our twinkling silvery friends seemed to multiply with each glance. The crackling fire warmed my body, but the shimmering jewels of the sky warmed my soul. I sat up once again to observe the fiery embers.

I felt the most peaceful I had been for quite awhile. Surrounded by a light musty odor of smoke, teammates who should be called sisters, the majestic midnight sky, and the radiant stars, I watched the dying fire's scarlet sparks float away. Some were swallowed by the night in an instant. But others, from beautiful crimson to golden hues, pursued the sky, venturing towards their brilliant sisters before finally fading into darkness.

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  1. Such a lovely lace dress!

    Your last night at camp sounds wonderful too, sitting by the fire and looking at the stars :)

    Away From Blue

  2. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Your descriptions of the stars... Lily, so beautiful! I felt like I was there and more. I swear your writing transports me from where I am sitting to your side, and even deeper than that. You were captivated by the stars, and I by your flawless writing... especially the parts around "dancing flames" and "swallowed by the night."

    Yep, you're a writer. :) And I never want you to stop! I always look forward to your little narratives... always!

    Your photos are lovely, too, of course. No need to apologize about having a bunch. ;) Sometimes, it really is difficult to narrow it down! That lace dress is such a stunning shade, and I love the warm glow of the sun glowing behind you and bouncing off the edges of you. Perfect!

  3. Oh Lily, how many different ways can I tell you that I love your thoughtful posts?
    When you talk about feeling pain thinking about old texts and words, it brought me back to an old song my ex sang into my ear, called Constellations. Your description of the night sky really hit it home though. We were outside his car, just staring up at the gorgeous quilt God had put on display, and that's when he pulled me in his arms and started singing that song into my ear...
    Look at that, just from your magical writing, I was transported into a memory I thought I'd let die.
    You're an amazing writer Lily. Also, don't be afraid to show "weakness" or let us know you're vulnerable. It just means you're like us - we're all human and we struggle.
    ANYWAY. Gosh, your posts get me so chatty! Lol in short: AMAZING writer, AMAZING photos (sooo pretty!), and yeah, you're just AMAZING ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. You are Princess Lily here in such a lovely dress. This is minty fresh beauty with a stylish pair of skin-tone, slingback wedge pumps. And as usual... all of this backed up with your classic charm. Lily loveliness.

  5. One of the best things about summer is the adventure I like to take at night when I can just talk a slow walk outdoor and look at the star-studded sky :)
    This is such a pretty mint lace dress! Best of luck tomorrow talking to the guy friend!!

  6. You look very pretty xoxo ES

  7. Lily you are one of my favourite bloggers/writers! You honestly deliver the best posts! Cannot believe you saw a shooting star - did you make a wish?

    Love the dress Liliy, you look beautiful! Lots of Love,

    Myra x

    Alluring Style

  8. oh you look so beautiful! These pictures are just so so divine =)

  9. oh Lily, what a lovely and beautiful story. I could totally picture the whole thing! and I think you're the only one in my blog list who writes like that which means you're special in my list ;) btw, I like it when people can enjoy little details in life. let it be stars in the sky, beautiful clouds, random houses next to the road, whatever.. it's just so important to appreciate everything because life's actually kind of short.
    oh and Lily, the dress you're wearing is beautiful too. I like it how you've belted it with some brown leather.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. Such a beautiful minty summer dress:-)!!!

  11. Camp sounds like so much fun! When I was in high school I had cheerleading camp every summer and it was SO MUCH FUN. I love reading your posts, it reminds me of the wonderful times I had as a teenager (I know I sounds so old!).



    Southern (California) Belle

  12. Such gorgeous summer photos! The dress is very pretty, especially the color! :)

  13. You look so lovely in that mint dress! That is very special that you got to witness a shooting star...what a wonder memory of camp!

    The Tiny Heart
    Rad Market Giveaway!

  14. This is such a wonderful story, Lily! I've never seen a shooting star but I hope I get the opportunity to see one sometime! I'm sure it was such a magical sight. These senior pictures are stunning and you look beautiful as always!

    Xo, Hannah

  15. Lily! You are not only GORGEOUS but brilliant as well! I LOVE your writing so much~ Your stories are always so charming. They make me wish I was there. Thanks for giving me butterflies =)

  16. You are an amazing writer Lily! Wow. I really LOVED reading this. It made me feel so calm and at peace like I was there, looking up at the beautiful night sky and twinkling stars! Oh and random side note - thinking of infinity scares me too haha.
    You look gorgeous in these photos! And so tan girl! Love the dress and the beautiful scenery :)

  17. The imagery in this post was incredible, wow, that was awesome to read. It sounded so serene, I just wanted to dive in and watch the stars too. Tonight there is supposed to be a lot of meteors, I can't wait to see them!

    You look beautiful in these photos, so happy! That dress is stunning, also!


  18. How gorgeous are you! That dress is so darling and perfect and adorable in all the sunshine.


  19. What a lovely and enjoyable post to read. You look gorgeous in the dress. :) /Madison

  20. Ahh you look beautiful! I'm getting my senior pictures in a week and I hope mine turn out as nice as yours! And thank you for sharing-I had a similar experience recently. My boyfriend and I set out a blanket in his backyard and watched for shooting-stars. Completely cheesey romantic but definitely a highlight of my summer.
    H&K, Olivia

  21. You look so pretty, love the dress on you!

  22. so cute! follow each other? let me know!

  23. great post honey, the dress is amazing!


  24. nice dress!!! so sweet!! :)


  25. You're so pretty:)

    Let's join our giveaway!

  26. as always, every single piece is very chic! I love the total outfit. Great post!

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.

  27. beautiful dress
    I'm following u via GFC, hope u can follow back. THX XOXO

    Moda della donna


  28. Love the mint and lace dress, this is gorgeous! It's so pastelly and great for summer, it looks really girly and elegant! I love your style in general actually, I have scrolled through your posts and you look really adorable. I really like your blog! I'm glad that I found it! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, personal style, likes and much more :) :)

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  29. Love the contrast of the electric light blue with the delicate white lace

  30. loving the mint dress much! and you must be having amazing moment!

    style frontier
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  31. Wow, i think i just fell in love with your dress!

  32. this is such a cute dress, i love the colour of it!


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