September 10, 2013

Imperfect Idealist

Top, c/o Chicnova//Skirt, c/o Persunmall//Mocassins, Target ($10)//Necklace, c/o Persunmall//Bag, thrifted ($3)
Photos by my best friend Gabrielle

Task: Write a six-word memoir (or story) that describes (choose one):
  • who you are
  • who/what you'd like to become
  • a life-changing event
  • this past summer
I scrutinized my first AP Lit assignment as I pensively tapped my fingers on the keyboard. I usually have a heck of a time crafting together just the right words; I'll spend hours agonizing over a paragraph or staring frustratedly at a blank screen. 

But this time was different.

Who am I? I quickly scribbled my jumble of thoughts onto the light blue sheet of paper. Idealist, dreamer, runner, violinist.

Who or what would I like to become? Happy.

A life-changing event? Running.

This past summer? Cross country camp, leadership conference.

Then it came to me.

Imperfect idealist who chases the sun.

I liked the taste of the words, their innate rhythm. I immediately analyzed my own words to discover the classic iambic rhythm. I smiled.

Imperfect idealist. Perhaps nothing can describe me better. I strive towards idealistic standards, but above all, I recognize that I am human. I dream impossible dreams, only to have the furthest-reaching whims become reality.

A girl who chases the sun. Well, number one: I absolutely love Sara Bareille's song Chasing the Sun. It's gorgeously powerful. I am always chasing down unrealistic ambitions--perhaps I'll never reach my destination. Perhaps it really is impossible. But the journey along the way is always an incredible experience. And finally: if you're chasing the sun, you'd better be running. Not about the lazy stroll life. Striding with purpose. I live to run. Behind the sweat and tears, after the dust clears, a brilliant light shines.

Just a few musings for the week. I became absolutely enamored with the term "imperfect idealist." I've even been toying with renaming the blog after it. Often times I don't even mention my outfit in my post; I find it rather ironic since I call this a fashion blog. Perhaps it's more a lifestyle blog--fashion simply molds seamlessly into that category.

I almost named this post Impurrfect Idealist because of the cat skirt haha. I fell in love with the thing as soon as I excitedly ripped open my package from Persunmall. I absolutely adore their trendy and affordable pieces. Do go take a gander at the site if you have a few minutes to spare--the listed cat skirt price was only $16!

The reality of all this college business is beginning to since in. It's high stress, never stop for me. But I'm trying to look at this in a positive light. I'm trying to see applications as opportunities, as a culmination of all my sweat and tears. More updates to come soon!

Have a beautiful week, my lovelies!

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  1. I love these forest shots! I know it may not be your thing but they remind me of scenes from The Twilight lol :)
    Glad you sort of "figured out" who you are this summer. Sometimes it does take a life changing experience to learn about ourselves :)

  2. An imperfect idealist...I love it! Haha, and usually I'm the same way with writing assignments - it takes FOREVER! But if it comes easily I think that says something. You know yourself well Lilly, and not every teenager can say that :)
    Loooove this purrfect skirt ;) Adorable!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Classic cuteness by you here. Charming smile along with your lovely hair. The top and skirt are cute, and I especially adore the shoes and the handbag. Great literary work as well. I am certainly hoping for the best for you in all aspects of life as an avid fan of yours. Keep pressing forward to be as awesome as you want to be.

  4. Your words to describe you sound lovely. I think imperfection and optimism are good qualities to have. I love your skirt- it's especially beautiful with the forest setting!


  5. hey, Lily. let me tell you I love the fun combo of your lace top and cat pattern skirt. and the necklace is simply the coolest! makes me want to get myself a new necklace too :P anyway, I remember my writings from my schooltime. I always felt they went badly but then discovered the result was wonderful. it was always like that. writing was kind of "my thing" actually and I guess that's partly the reason why I'm blogging today. by the way, I really like it how you have answered those questions with such clear and strict answers. and I even imagined those answers could be something like that ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. Oh gosh I can see why you love that cat skirt so much! It is adorable!!

    xo erica

  7. I love that you know yourself so well and are confident enough to realize that you are imperfect, and have flaws that make you beautiful. Your writing always makes me smile! And I have to admit that I hardly ever mention my outfit in my posts, either- I usually have more interesting things to say about my recent adventures, just like you!

    Xo, Hannah

  8. Ahh man I remember the stress of college applications! The funny thing is everyone is going crazy, crying when the rejection letters come in, getting jealous and everything but two months later everyone is just happy wherever they ended up. It's unpredictable, that's for sure!

    Loving your whole outfit here, especially that skirt!

    Sophisticated Lace

  9. My goodness, your words always give me shivers when I read them. I love it!
    Lovely outfit... That skirt is so adorable!
    Hope you're having a fantastic week:)
    Hugs & Kisses,

  10. How lovely you´re Lily! Love your skirt as well <3

  11. Imperfect Idealist... I love it! I can kind of relate to that as well.
    Love this darling cat skirt! It's perfect on you. And that sailboat necklace is so cute!

  12. Aww Lily, that is perfect! I feel like if we went to the same school, we would be best friends. That phrase is so poetic, your teacher better give you a good grade, haha!

    Just listened to that Sara Barellis song, it is really inspiring! It's good to be idealistic, I think, because it keeps you with a good attitude!

    Lovely outfit, I adore that necklace! And the post title with that cats, hahaha, I love those types of titles. You look very pretty!


  13. I really like how you always managed to match the words you write with the pictures you take.

    I love the skirt you are wearing. The prints are so cute. You look so cute with your smile too.

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin

    cassandra xx

  14. so cute!

  15. Seriously, perfect 6 words. I don't think you could have described yourself better!

    Love your cute skirt!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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