November 27, 2013


Blazer, Kohl's//Top c/o Fiigirl//Skirt c/o Persunmall//Tights, Vera Wang//Shoes, thrifted//Belt, Forever 21//Bow, Rire Boutique//Ring, c/o Persunmall

Serendipity is...

Hearing your favorite song on the radio. Opening a book to the right page.  Stumbling upon something you thought you'd never see again. Running into friends at the grocery store. Finding the brown oxfords of your dreams at a thrift store. Discovering that your college interviewer pursued a career that you're interested in.

Serendipity is not: forgeting your camera battery at home on a gorgeous day and remembering it on a bone-chilling one.

My frozen fingers and quivering body adamantly protested as I shed my fuzzy gloves and indigo peacoat. I wistfully observed a lone, bundled up woman with her furry black dog as they briskly walked by.

"Are you cold?" She quipped.
I mustered a friendly laugh. "Just a little."

#fashionbloggerprobs: winter in the Midwest. But cold weather aside, I'm glad to be posting again. Sigh. The things we do for blogging. We're really crazy. But let's call it dedication (;

Back to serendipity. Other than plowing through three orchestra concerts in one week, hacking away at piles of schoolwork, easing back into running from my injury, putting finishing touches on more college apps, and catching up with friends, I also was preparing for my first college interview.

And it just so happened that the lady was a lawyer. It was almost like finding out that my group leader at cross country camp a few months ago was bound for one of my top-choice schools.

It's nice to finally know what the interview process is like. It was much more casual than I expected (though I'm sure it varies from person to person) and I like talking, so it wasn't too scary. And lucky me, I was able to learn more about pursuing law! The prospect intrigues me, but I'm still stuck in the limbo of uncertainty. Just the other day, I was thinking how nice it would be to be a teacher since they still have summer breaks and I want to travel a lot; it was a shallow reason. There's much more to a career than its breaks (or lack thereof). But I believe that as long as I study what I love (humanities, anyone?), it'll lead me to a career that I can love too.

Uncertainty is the epitome of my life right now. I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go. It's both terrifying and exciting to think that the college decisions will begin trickling out soon. I took a risk with my common app essay, and there's no turning back.

I wrote my college essay about poop. Yeah, you read that right. Okay, well not really. I mentioned poop in my essay.

It was about running thirteen miles with my running buddy at cross country camp. You remember the story if you read my posts from the summer. We were determined to go over ten miles without stopping that day for the first time, but it was just my luck that I really had to poop at mile five. I almost surrendered and planned to stop at the general store to use the bathroom, but I couldn't bring myself to give up. Long story short, it was an essay about perseverance. About my running journey--from not being able to run at all to running thirteen miles. About how I think. About my unquenchable thirst to achieve. About how my running mentality is also my approach to life.

I really hope they get the idea. It was a slightly risky essay because of one line of dialogue mentioning poop, but it was the only essay that felt right. It was unapologetically me.

I figure that when I go to college, my entire self is going to that college, so I want to be able to paint that portrait. And if they don't want me, quirks and all, then the college probably wasn't a good fit.

Even if I am rejected, perhaps it made the admissions officers laugh a little. Perhaps it brightened the long, arduous process of evaluating countless applications.

I've decided to calm down a little, because whatever is meant to be will happen. Everything is out of my hands after I click the red submit button. I'm little wary of the "oh, it just wasn't meant to be attitude" because it allows us to be lazy. Didn't get the score you wanted on that test? Oh, it just wasn't meant to be. I can stop trying. See what I mean?

There's a fine balance to walk. In some cases, perhaps it really wasn't meant to be if you gave all your effort but still fell short. And if you really did give 100%, then that is intrinsically satisfying, regardless of outcome. And you know me--if the opportunity arises, I try again, or fuel disappointment into achieving something greater. But for some things, it's best to let go. Another delicate balance.

I believe in a certain degree of fate, or what I like to call God's plan. I like to think that we steer our own ships, but each of our ships has a purpose for its existence. Tempests may throw us off course, but we'll find a way to sail smoothly towards our dreams, our purpose. It's all pretty convoluted and sometimes I don't even know what I'm thinking anymore.

Just a few thoughts. I suppose I should actually talk about fashion now haha. I finally did find the elusive perfect pair of brown oxfords I had wanted for months, and at a pretty price too!

It appears as if I'm sponsored up to my eyeballs, but in all reality, it's simply my lack of posting lately. This bright yellow skirt from Persunmall has since become one of my favorites and this colorful outfit as well. If the weather is cold, at least I can wear warm colors!

Well, I'm off to go practice some violin. Below is a guitar version of a melody from a beautiful symphony I played a couple weeks ago. I'll pay some visits to all your lovely blogs in the next few days.

Have a cozy, happy Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for all of you!

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  1. Lily! I've missed seeing your smiling face around these parts :)
    Aha, dedication is definitely something us bloggers have. This year I hope to get a nice snow fall so that I can get pretty photos in a dress in it again. Haha, dedication man!
    Way to take the risk by using that essay. I remember it, and I think it reveals exactly who you are and your strengths. Praying for you in all your endeavors Lily, you work so hard!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. You look amazing. I love how sunshiney and happy you look even though it's pretty gloomy around you.


  3. wait, what? so much snow? :O I can't believe it how it's almost December and we still have no snow here in Estonia (usually it's here in October!). though to be honest I'm not waiting for it to come :P
    anyway, your colourful outfit totally made my day! it's the most colourful thing I've seen today. I'm loving the lace, bright turquoise, sunny yellow and happy orange! and I like your philosophy about wearing colours when it's grey outside.
    enjoy thanksgiving, dear Lily! :) and thank you for your always awesome comments.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. Oh my goodness I love your blog. I just found it and now followed. :) I love your fashion style and your photos are beautiful. I hope you can check out my blog also :)

  5. You have a great blog, and lovely style! It's really cold in England too and I haven't been brave enough to venture outside for outfit posts for a weeks, so props to you! x

  6. Oh hey, I saw your page load and thought, I know this blog! Turns out I am already following you- silly me :-b Lovely outfit- the colors are amazing! Alex

  7. Hi dear! Love the burst of colour in your outfit! A great colour block look!
    Plus I really love the melody of new world symphony, It's awesome you play violin, you should post something!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, would you like to follow each other? xx


  8. "The things we do for blogging. We're really crazy." I can't express it in a better way) haha. probably, 2 years ago I'd say that such people are just mad, but now I'm one of those who are ready to be dressed lightly on the open air in winter just in order to take some great shots:) I can imagine how cold was that, but I love your bright and radiant outfit. It's looks so positive among this snow monolith.
    Thank you for sharing your thought as well, I love reading your acticels. I've got to say that a lazy cat catches no mice, so keep on trying and you will make your dreams come true!
    Have a great time, Lily!

  9. Oh Lily, I believe that you can do anything you set your mind to--no matter what, I know you'll always be that girl who keeps trying and trying and trying and constantly shooting for the best. I love your hardworking personality, I do. Don't push yourself too hard, ya hear? <3

    I totally feel you on the dedication thing. Man, if I go a week without posting I feel awful! I guess it's a good thing that we all can have something personal to schedule on the interwebs. It makes us feel like we've got an extra homework assignment, but then once we've put it up, we feel so good about it, yeah?

    I adore the bright colors you're wearing here... and that bow is too cute! Have a magical weekend, Lily! PLOW THROUGH DAT HOEMWORK

  10. I remember going through my first interview for college- it went so well and I felt silly for worrying so much! But we always do that to ourselves, don't we? Senior year I was stressed 24/7 with figuring out my future and my college but at the end of the day, you just have to take a deep breath and believe in fate. I know you'll end up at the school of your dreams and you'll be extremely happy, just let yourself relax a little bit!

    Xo, Hannah

  11. This outfit is so cute!! I love your blog!!

    Madison Martine

  12. I think your essay would be a welcome diversion from the cliched stories that admissions officers usually hear. I also applaud your dedication in taking these pictures---I get cold just looking at you. Do you use a tripod?


  13. Haha that made me laugh, us bloggers are crazy! I do that all the time, if I want to wear something I will wear it regardless of the weather!I'm sure colleges will love your essay, it sounds like it was really good! They will probably find it refreshing that it's not the same as every other kid's out there.

    I love what you said about God's plan, I totally feel the same way! We really are so similar!

    You look gorgeous, I love the bright colors in this outfit. Great oxfords too!


  14. Oh my gosh! Where did you get those tights? They look really opaque, which is just what I've been looking for!

  15. I agree, the things we do for blogging! haha You look adorable, lovely outfit :)

  16. Ha ha what post was it? And yay! Buying my 35mm was the best decision I've made!

  17. It is SNOWY over there where you are! Oh my. I admire your bravery of standing in the snow wearing such cheerful spring like colours :)
    Hope you and the family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  18. You are just too cute for words! I love how colorful this outfit is. It looks so bright and cheery with the snow in the background. LOVE it!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  19. I LOVE the bright pop of yellow amongst all the white snow. You look gorgeous :)

  20. Beautiful Midwestern weather. :) This burst of color is an explosion of loveliness. I certainly love the blue jacket. The scarf and gloves are very nice. And for someone not really into oxfords or brogues, those brown oxford shoes look great on you. Wonderful style by you.

  21. Your outfit is so colourful and cute! Love those oxfords you picked up! I can totally feel you on those college entrances... whenever something doesn't go as planned, I usually just think that it's been planned that way sometimes (it also makes me feel much better for college/university applications)! But it's definitely important for us to give it our all and try our best. I'm sure you did great.. I always enjoy reading your blog posts, and adding a touch of your personality sounds pretty good to me! Can't wait to hear the results ! :) X

    Chic Nikkie


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