December 21, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Sweater, LC Lauren Conrad | Top, Mom's | Necklace, Sparkles and Prays (won in Sensible Stylista giveaway) | Jeans, Macy's | Boots, Old Navy | Glasses, prescription RayBan | Watch, c/o Born Pretty 

It was a dreary day for photos, but stubborn-headed ol' me was determined to catch up on outfit posts. I often wear ensembles in real life but don't have the time to shoot them during the school week; before I know it, I have a massive list of outfits I want to shoot. Please excuse my bed-raggled hair--I trekked all over the neighborhood with my brother before we finally settled on our sidewalk to shoot; by that point we had weathered some nasty wind and relentless rain.

I've gotten into the collared top trend lately, and there's no stopping me now! I was most excited, however, to pull out this gorgeous statement necklace from Sparkles and Prays that I won in a giveaway. When I received it in the mail, I was delighted, but I had no idea how to style it since I had nothing to match. Luckily, a trip to mom's closet did the trick. Born Pretty also sent me this lovely watch to review, and they're offering you 10% off with the code LILYFC10. Happy shopping (:

Sigh. If only winter break and no more exams actually meant relaxing. It's been a tumultuous week, and the storm has yet to pass. I still have mountains of things to do, but also mountains of tenacity. Leggo!

My usual musings have been rather elusive lately, so I'll leave you with this poem I wrote about running a couple years ago. I signed up for my first official half marathon today, so I think it's fitting.


Tentative footsteps to confident strides,
Soul growing stronger with each passing mile.
Weathering snow, pouring rain, and the heat,
Pushing through times I feel weak and can’t breathe.

Heart leads the way and it soars as I glide
Over worn dirt paths beneath clear blue skies.
Trees are a blur as I splash through the creek,
Mud splattered legs take me far past my dreams.

Feet in the grass, bare, and chasing the wind
Constantly move to the rhythm within.
Only as far as I seek can I reach,
Shoreline to farmland, my legs will not cease.

Wet ocean sand turns to crunchy brown leaves,
Beating down sun becomes cool autumn breeze.
Brink of exhaustion, sweat drips down my face,
Passion will fuel me when mind’s lost in haze.

On the horizon the finish appears,
People are screaming—I barely can hear.
Flying across, then the dust trails behind,
Tale of a girl in a race against time.

I wish you all a lovely winter break and a wonderful holiday season!

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  1. I like your hair and your boots. It's always great to be colorful and upbeat even with the dullest of conditions- such as a rainy day. Your shirt and sweater also look nice. Charming style!

  2. great outfit and pretty umbrella

  3. I love your boots. And your adorable :)

    come check out my blog,

  4. I think you have styled the necklace perfectly. and it indeed is a gorgeous piece! plus it goes incredibly well with the sweater, like they were meant to be :) and despite the rain those photos are still beautiful and have enough light so great job with that too!
    oh and I enjoyed reading your poem. you're definitely a wonderful writer, Lily :)
    enjoy the holidays, dear, and take some moments off between all the things that have to get done.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. What a cute outfit! And it's so good to see such a happy face :)
    xx Lara

  6. Aww, your printed umbrella is adorable. And I love your pretty mint sweater! Take some time to try to relax and enjoy yourself over winter break-- you've been working so hard!

    Xo, Hannah

  7. least some sweet shots even if it's raining! Love the mint sweater and that super cute floral umbrella :)

    - Che

  8. Wow, that was an excellent poem in my opinion, Lily! I loved reading it and can just imagine you crossing that finish line already :) Good luck!
    Also, love that floral print umbrella and your adorable accessories. The watch and statement necklace are real stunners - just like you! ;)
    Hope you find some time to relax this break!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. Lily! That was such a beautiful poem. Especially the crunchy leaves part, and "the dust trails behind." I really liked the ending, too. STRONG FEMALE! That is you and I lurve it. I'm so glad that you share not only you wondrous writing with us through blog posts, but also little poems you write. I wish I could be less shy and maybe post one of my short stories... maybe one day. You are quite the inspiration. :)

    Rain! And green grass?! How strange, haha. But it was 70 degrees for us yesterday, so I suppose seeing slightly warm temps isn't all so strange. May that rain turn into snow soon. Have a wonderful holiday, daaaahling! <3

  10. First of all I've got to say this outfit is just a perfect variant to go out and have a stroll on the open air. I love the way that necklace look with the sweater, simply charming)) Those photographs are adorable, you look so so pretty as always!
    I also want to mention, that poem is really beautiful and meaningful! Thank you for sharing!
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  11. cool boots :)


  12. I hope finals have treated you well! Love the color of that shirt on you.

    7% Solution

  13. You are so freakin cute (and brave) out there in the rain, I love it!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  14. YES! As much as I wanted winter break to be a restful time, it seems it was really just a time to catch up on everything I didn't do during the school semester haha
    And that necklace is gorgeous! Your mom must have been expecting it ;)

  15. I've seen this necklace on a lot of bloggers but I have to say that no one matched it as well as you did. Seriously, how did you find a shirt that reflected the necklace's colors so well? Also, it was genius pairing it with a mint sweater. Good luck on your half marathon Lily and happy new year~


    Another Beautiful Thing

  16. Such a cute umbrella! Love your necklace.

  17. Happy Holidays!
    Nice necklace!I like how you styled it.
    Lovely blog.Would you like to follow each other?

  18. This is the perfect casual yet classy rainy look! I will have to take inspiration from it for my dreadful school uniform which could use some color, haha. I loved the poem by the way. You are a great writer! Would love to see more writing from you. :)

    xo, Isabelle

  19. so cheerful, and looks refreshing!
    nice to know you anyway :)


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