January 19, 2014


Top, c/o Rosegal (sold out, similar here) | Shorts, Kohl's | Tights, Vera Wang at Kohl's | Boots, Sears
This cat top was sponsored by Rosegal. All opinions are my own. I am definitely delighted by the quality and fit of the top and think it's worth your time to check Rosegal out. You can find a wide array of trendy items under $20. Besides, this top has a cat face on it. Can you really resist?
My thoughts have been much too heavy and convoluted lately to accompany an outfit post. I often struggle to delicately balance fashion and writing. I want to begin posting more writing-dominated posts, so I'll see if I can sort my thoughts out well enough for a coherent musings post in the near future. 

My tangible thoughts aren't exactly light either. Have you ever wondered where you would be today if something had happened differently in the past? That's probably why I often struggle to make decisions--if something goes wrong, you only have yourself to blame. Even something as simple as picking a dessert can give me trouble. Should I have the brownie, or the ice cream? What if I go for the ice cream and it's bad? Or what if I eat the ice cream and later decide I actually wanted the brownie?

The obvious solution would be to just eat both. But what if both isn't an option? (And to be honest, I'm pretty stickler about a balanced diet since I run haha). Like, say, taking a risk, speaking the unspoken, pursuing an opportunity. Most of the time in these cases, you can't do both. 
How would my life be different if I hadn't decided to run a charity 5k to help my friend's mother with cancer five years ago? What kind of person would I be without running? What would've happened if I hadn't moved in 5th grade? What would I be doing if I hadn't picked up violin eight years ago? How would I see life differently if I hadn't met specific friends? Where would I ramble if I hadn't begun blogging in middle school?

It's absolutely crazy how one event can mold your life in such a profound way. Maybe that's why college prospects seem so scary. Can where you decide to go to school impact your life forever? My old English teacher doesn't believe so. She says that everyone ends up doing what they're supposed to do in the end. Perhaps we overly romanticize the college search. I'd like to believe so. It's simply one cobblestone on the road of life. And hey, I've taken plenty of detours already--I'll find my way back if I get lost. Besides, I'm laying the stones down myself. There is no "lost."
My greatest fear is that I'll go to an in-state university, get a degree, find a job, meet a nice guy, get married, settle down, have kids. And stay in my hometown forever. That's horrifying. What could I have seen? Who could I have met? What could I have I experienced? There's so much out there past the familiar. I can't be content with simply knowing a small fraction of the vast world. There's nothing wrong with going to an in-state university--sometimes it's the best fit and most cost-effective. There's nothing wrong with my hometown--I take a lot of pride in it. Besides, if I do stay for higher education, there's always study abroad. There's also really nothing wrong with the progression I described above--it might sound perfect to most people. But it's intrinsically wrong for me, a dreamer with unquenchable wanderlust. 

I want to know what's out there. I want to unleash potential I didn't know I had. We don't know what our true boundaries are unless we push past the routine. Sometimes I feel like society compels us to believe that the sole purpose of life is to go to college, get job, get married, and have kids. No. There's so much more than that. But that "more" is relative; it's something uniquely our own, what we discover for ourselves.
So, brownie or ice cream? What haven't you had in awhile? What's new to you? Perhaps we retreat too often to the familiar when faced with uncertainty. But you know what? We learn so much about ourselves when we immerse ourselves in the unfamiliar. What dessert are you missing out on because you're afraid to make a decision? Perhaps those aren't even your only options. Are there more? 

There is always more. We just need to open our eyes, and follow our hearts.
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  1. You look soooo stunning! I love how you dressed down those sparkly shorts! And that sweater is amazing :) I don't agree with you on your 'biggest fear', I think that sounds quite nice haha:) I would love to see the world for a couple of years too but at the end I think I'm the happiest when I'm closer to my family and friends. But that's just me of course! xx

  2. Difficult question!!! I went to University in London so I was close to home because I couldn't afford to pay rent at Uni. I've stayed pretty much where I've come from but I haven't minded that because I am so close to London and there is SO much going on there- so much new, so much different and opportunities- particularly musically.

    That said, I did spend a year abroad in Bali- I applied for the Darmasiswa scholarship to study gamelan- it's available worldwide- you just have to apply to your country's Indonesian embassy!

  3. Difficult question!!! I went to University in London so I was close to home because I couldn't afford to pay rent at Uni. I've stayed pretty much where I've come from but I haven't minded that because I am so close to London and there is SO much going on there- so much new, so much different and opportunities- particularly musically.

    That said, I did spend a year abroad in Bali- I applied for the Darmasiswa scholarship to study gamelan- it's available worldwide- you just have to apply to your country's Indonesian embassy!

  4. ...oh and the outfit is super cute. What a nice sweater to be given!!!x

  5. Nice :)


  6. You know Lily, it's the unknown that makes our lives so fearfully interesting. We all chose different paths in out lives and whatever destiny takes you, I say have no regrets and don't look back! After all, we only live Once and you want to move forward and not live in the past.
    So eat that ice cream if your heart decides! I personally prefer it anyway haha!
    Ps lovely cat sweater! I wish they have one for chinchilla (I own two hehe)

  7. I also think seeing the world is very important. different cultures, different people, dishes, cities, towns, different anything! because it gives you so much and you grow more than you would while sitting in one place. I just can't envy people who have skipped seeing the world. maybe that's only my view on things but that's the way it is. and gosh how much I'm waiting for spring to travel again! I'm already packing my suitcase in my head, haha. but anyway, your outfit, dear Lily. cats are not my favourite animals but this sweater is definitely very cool and goes nicely with your fancy shorts! plus I like those brown booties. I have similar in black but they're slowly getting (very) old :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. LOL I love that brownie/ice cream comparison--I am the same way about being balanced, both with eating and biking and all things inbetween. I always wonder what life would be like for me if I wasn't an art major. It's so strange and I can't think of what it WOULD have been like.

    You are so awesome, by the way. Your posts always inspire me, Miss Lily, and keep me thinking about my future and the things I want to do with myself and my life.

    And now onto the outfit--how COOL is that shirt? *__* I love the collar peeking out of it, too. You're a grand writer and a stylish lady. Man, you've really got it all. :) <3

  9. Very intense post! & super cute outfit of course! But you don't need to settle down in your home town. I haven't been to America (yet) but here, people usually take a gap year to travel the world. Even then my mom told me to travel before settling down because it's so much easier to travel alone; you can do what you want to do & go whichever way you want. I kinda wish I had taken her advice but theres still many opportunities to see what's out there! Don't be so afraid of things that haven't happened yet! :)

    The Fashann Monster

  10. That is such a cute outfit! Perfect sweater ;)


  11. Ahh...college... I really would like to go to an out of state college as well. I love being in completely new places and I am so excited for change :) I'm sure everything will turn out alright in the end though!

    And ooo I LOVE your cat sweater, it is so cute :)

  12. I love this post-- the outfit and the writing! You're absolutely right, we are blogger twins! We both wrote about pretty much the same thing! I definitely wonder sometimes what would have happened if I had chosen a different path when I came to an important fork in the road. But in the end, I'm glad that I made the decisions I made, even the ones that brought me sadness and hurt. Those were often the experiences that allowed me to grow the most!

    In terms of school, college is definitely over-romanticized but nevertheless it is important depending on what kind of lifestyle you wish to have. And if it's not what you want, it's certainly hard to make others understand your decision. Don't be afraid of staying in your hometown forever! You are still so young and you have plenty of years yet to explore the world. Trust me, the world will be waiting for you when you are ready for it!

    Lastly, your outfit is the cutest!!! I love the cat sweater, I gasped when I first saw it because I was already in love! Also adore the sequin shorts-- you have such awesome styling skills! And those booties are the same colour as mine hehe.

    xx Debbie


  13. I adore this Lily, and you are absolutely right. I'm terrified of getting stuck in this state and never exploring the world like I want. I've discovered an opportunity that could lead to what I've always wanted to do (travel and experience different cultures!). Hopefully I'll be able to do that soon.
    Anyway, I admire your thoughts on this and your courage in forging out to learn more of this world!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  14. I am a total cat person and love that sweater!
    lovely blog to stumble on & looking forward to your new post! Hope to see you visit ours too:)


  15. you are soo adorable! i heart that top on you!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  16. Adorable outfit! Alex


  17. You look SO cute in this cat sweater! Life is filled with 'what ifs', but you have to just keep looking forward and trust that you are where you should be.. and honestly, if you're not, it's never too late to make a change. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. That's such a cute sweater!! I like how you paired it with sequins. Great look.


  19. I almost got this sweater, but from choies! You're making me kind of sad that I didn't. Haha love it!

    I love this post and I'm pretty sure you nailed it. It doesn't really matter where you go- as long as it's what you want! I am a big believer in travel, leaving hometown, but that is the perfect fit for others. :)

  20. Okay, this is the most perfect sweater ever and I need it in my life. :)


  21. First off, I have to say that your outfit is stunning! I really love the sweater!!

    2nd, I want to say that I relate to your post 100%!!!!! I have the same fears as you because I want to see the world and not get stuck in the same place. (It's looking like that though because my state college is a lot cheaper than some of the ones in NY even with scholarships!)
    I really don't know what I will pick, but it looks like we are in the same place in our lives and facing the same things. I'm going to visit colleges in April and it looks like that is how I will be making my final decision. Keep me updated on your college choice/acceptances!. =) I wish you the best!


  22. I love this outfit! So well styled and creative, those shorts are simply dazzling and the sweater is the cutest thing!

  23. Ice cream for sure, but maybe that's because I'm not supposed to have any or maybe because chocolate isn't much of my thing.

    I seem to think the opposite, I feel like taking risks, speaking the unspoken and pursuing opportunity easily coexist. But obviously it would depend (in some cases strong opinions can be altered this way).

    Anyways , I like the writing on your blog and love the balanced in your outfit here.. puuurfect.

    Had too! haha have a wonderful rest of the week.

  24. I certainly think 2014 must be the year of stepping into the unknown, also your boots are my favourite part of this outfit :)

    Olivia @ Awake Looks

  25. I love these shorts with this top!

    xo, Megan
    indie flower

  26. Love your kitty sweater.


  27. Oh it's absolutely true, I'm with you here. Even one tiny even can change our lives deeply and for me it's always such a hard thing to decide which path to take! I also believe in destiny and I thing there are always such things which we can't change no matter what we do, though.
    I also have to say that your 'cat' sweater is an adorable one) Seems it was made right for you! Those photographs are adorable!
    Wish you a great day ahead! Good luck to you, dear Lily!

  28. You look so pretty with your blouse. Love the pants! Kisses!


  29. I like to read writings a lot more than just scrolling through pictures. WOnderful post! It's well-written. It got me thinking about the movie SLiding Doors. It's a pretty old movie with Gwyneth Paltrow about how struggling to catch that train and choosing to miss it leads to totally different destinies.

  30. I love that you have such deep and profound thoughts. And don't worry, I often struggle with balancing fashion talk & writing on my blog too. Usually I just ramble about my life until I realize that I said absolutely nothing about my outfit, haha! I guess that's the curse of being deep thinkers like you & me :) Don't worry too much about the fear of going to a state school and living in your hometown, i.e. having an "ordinary" and "blah" life. Clearly you don't see that future for yourself, so juts make sure it doesn't happen! It's as simple as that. You are a dreamer and I know you have extremely big dreams to chase. You will get everything that your heart desires as long as you work at it. I believe in you!

    Xo, Hannah



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