January 5, 2014

Hello there, 2014

Hello friends. Hope 2014 has been treating you well so far.

I realized in the last post that I didn't have a chance to reflect much on 2013, so like many bloggers, I'm recapping my year in favorite photos, outfits, and adventures. 

This was my facebook status on December 31st, 2012 to reference my hopes for 2013:
As usual, my musings are mostly to inspire myself to act. The relentless search for identity characterizes the teenage years. I'm far from exempt, and often times I feel unsettled. I wanted to do something incredible. To take a huge risk. To live.

And so bears the question: did I do it? Did I really live up to my hopes for 2013?

As a perfectionist, I rarely can whole-heartedly agree that I completely fulfilled my goals. It was a  funny year, for sure. I bought my first DSLR. I dropped the phone I had only had for three days down a storm drain only to be rescued by a random act of kindness. I was the only junior in an all-senior class. I visited colleges. I went to prom. I won the National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Award with my memoir. I made a violin cover. I played in a quartet at the wedding of my former English teacher and history teacher. I went on photography adventures with my best friend. I got three essays published on thisIbelieve.org. I tackled a violin piece that people doubted I could play. I fell for my guy friend and told him so. I ran thirteen nonstop miles at cross country camp. I saw my first shooting star. I went to an eye-opening leadership conference. I took senior pictures. I started my final year of high school. I began performing with my city's youth orchestra. I became a National Merit Semifinalist. I broke 22 minutes for my 5k personal record. I bought a 50mm lens with my first paycheck. I applied to colleges. 

And there was angst. Lots of it. But you know what else? It was all exhilarating, every moment. And I don't regret anything one bit.

I'm officially renaming Burst of Color today. From now on, this blog is Imperfect Idealist. I thought it was only fitting to share some of my earliest outfits. Unfortunately, I found these too embarassing about a year ago and deleted all my posts before high school. I wish I hadn't. It's a piece of the past I won't be able to uncover again. 

But I still have the pictures, saved in an archives folder on the computer. I named my blog Burst of Color in 7th grade because my outfits, were, as you can tell, bursts of color. While I still create my everyday ensembles based on color schemes, garish outfits and fashion alone is no longer my focus. This blog has become an online journal, peppered with my musings, my cringe-inducing moments, my adventures, my achievements, my dreams. 

An imperfect idealist is who I am. I am a juxtaposition; both trendy and hipster, reserved and outgoing, logical and arsty, practical and idealistic. I strive for the best, knowing that I'll inevitably stumble. The art of brushing oneself off gracefully after a fall is mastered through extensive experience, and I gain some every day. 

Imperfect idealist who chases the sun.

My six word memoir, a story I've already told. But there are many more adventures to come. Stay a while, won't you? Let's make 2014 even more fulfilling.

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  1. Sweet outfits from last yr :D I love how colorful & lovely they are. And I couldn't agree with u more on always taking big risks and simply living our lives our way & no other way! Happiest New Yr!!

  2. Ahhhh, Lily, you did it!!
    I absolutely love your new blog set up and name :D
    Imperfect Idealist is a perfect description of you and your blog <3 Also, I loved seeing the old photos - it's amazing to see how you grow by looking back.
    Looking forward to what 2014 brings your way, pretty lady :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Wow just the way you write is inspiring!
    Lily, your pictures are/were always amazing
    no reason to have been embarrassed?!
    Nice reflection, it's such a journey to figure
    Out who you actually are and what you're
    Nice Juxtaposition </3

  4. What a great recap of your year, you did and experienced so much! But you're still young (and so am I), we both we have sooo much more to enjoy in life! Great job with school, I also bought my first DSLR this year (and what a difference it makes!), and great job with your running! I wish we could be running buddies because there is literally no one who runs as much as I do! Also, I understand about deleting old embarrassing posts, I deleted a bunch from 2012 because they were so random and badly photographed haha. Oh well! Congrats on the renaming of your blog, your outfits from this year are fabulous and you're only going to get more and more fashionable-- it's only obvious!

    Happy New Year lovely!

    xx Debbie


  5. oh I loved that post, Lily! you certainly had an eventful and important year filled with such huge achievements and big moments. great job, girl, and of course keep up the amazing work you've been doing!
    when it comes to outfits I definitely admire all those beautiful colours you combine and share with your readers. and also the fun patterns and brilliant prints. you sure know how to bright up even the darkest day only with your cheerful looks :)
    oh and I love your haircut on those older photos! definitely suits you superbly!
    enjoy your week, dear!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. 2013 was an interesting for you isn't it? It had it's highs and defintely it's lows. I think you did fantastically. You learnt and you grew, and the most important thing is, you have found what's meaningful for you in life at this moment :)
    Keep your head with a smile. 2014 is going to a great year! <3

  7. hahaha, everyone have ever passed teenager moment that seems embarrassing if we looked it back
    but you grow maturer and prettier now
    do you can play that violin ? So, pretty ability :))


  8. Your style is so sweet and so you! Hope you have a rockin' 2014, Lily =)

    - Che


  9. Such cute outfits! Love how you wear print items :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  10. I have long been a fan of you and your work. Very inspiring material you've presented here. I never doubted you or your abilities. Great look back of 2013. Hope 2014 is as awesome as you are.


  11. I love that your posts are not always centered around your outfits but around your life and a constant want to improve it. You are seriously one of my biggest inspirations and keep my motivated, you know that? I'm so glad I discovered your blog, whenever that was (it seems like we've known each other for years!)

    And even more, I love that we've become such great blog friends. I'm always looking forward to your inspirational musings and super sweet comments. I adore you forever and ever, Miss Lily! <3

  12. Wonderful post sweetie, loved seeing these variances in your amazing and charming style. You look so pretty!

  13. I like the new name, it definitely suits you. Can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for you, lots of exciting things to come I'm sure!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. I couldn't think of a better 6 words to represent your determined, free spirit. Looking back through all these pictures, I realized that yellow has to be your color, it looks so good on you. Also, look what a fierce fashionista you were in middle school. I could never rock these primary color combos!


    Another Beautiful Thing

  15. Looks like you have changed the design of your blog, it's really nice, I do like)
    Those photographs are adorable, dear Lily! I've got to say that picture where you are in red dress has grabbed my attention, this color matches your skin and hair perfectly well! I hope to see you more in red during this year, seriously) I also enjoyed to watch at your old pictures, it's really interesting to see how our style and appearance change with time:)
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  16. The one with the flowers crown is definitely my favorite!

  17. Hey there Lily! I popped over from Lauren at Someonelikeyou's blog after I read your 'forgot my violin for rehearsal' comment which is something I have done before (flute and viola though!) - I am always really excited to find blogs of other people who are musicians so yay!!!! I am now a music teacher but playing in orchestras is a huge part of my life! I love your style here- so many pretty outfits, really fun and quirky too and I like your pre-high school ones too! Burst of colour is a good word for it!! It's a shame you got rid of the posts from before- I did something similar with my teen diary. I was mortified at the prospect of my then-boyfriend reading it and ripped them up and threw them away but now wish I had them for posterity!
    Anyway, lovely to meet you and don't go forgetting that violin! (I forgot my flute for orchestra a year ago or so and lived at least an hour's journey from the rehearsal. My darling 2nd flute player went and got his spare flute from home for me- he lived 1/2 an hour away!x

  18. It's so cute to see your old photos, I love reminiscing on the clothes that used to inspire me when I was younger. Isn't it just crazy to watch reflect on the ways your personal style and taste has evolved? I'm happy to hear that you had a wonderful year, and 2014 will be even better, I'm sure!

    Xo, Hannah



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