January 11, 2014

Photography Adventure

“Class, this is our new student, Lily,” The spunky middle-aged teacher with cropped hair announced to the then-terrifying sea of unfamiliar fifth grade faces.

I remember feeling stiff, unable to meet the expectant gazes of my new classmates. I was frozen. I couldn’t wave. I couldn’t even look at them—I simply preoccupied myself by staring intently with feigned fascination at a spot on the gray wall behind my new teacher's head.

It was painful to moveaway from the only school, the only home, the only friends I had ever known. My usually-boisterous demeanor became unbearably shy the first few months. But during my awkward stage as "the new kid," I met my best friend Gabrielle.
On Gabrielle: Jacket, Abercrombie and Fitch | Top, Tommy Hilfiger | Jeans, Levi | Boots, Franco Sarto | Scarf, gift

Hey there friends! If you noticed a new face around here, I'd like to introduce you to my best friend Gabrielle. Ever since 5th grade, she's always been there to encourage me when I'm feeling down, celebrate milestones with me, comfort me in times of angst, listen to me ramble, embrace my quirky personality, and of course, go on photography adventures. And as always, I do my very best to be just as genuine and heartfelt a friend as she is. 

Style-wise, she's very polished and trendy. I found it funny that we inadvertently matched with our riding boots and infinity scarves, especially since her simple, chic style often contrasts with my quirky, elaborate ensembles. Here's to unintentional, quasi-twinning!
On Lily: Blazer, Kohl's  | Top, Chicnova | Scarf, Target | Pants, Old Navy | Boots, Old Navy | Belt, Forever 21 | Glasses, prescription Ray-Ban

I seized this opportunity to use my new camera remote, and I absolutely loved how the photos with both of us in them turned out. For individual shots, we just switched between posing as a model and snapping shots as a photographer. When I head to college, I'll have to resign to only tripod and remote--the usual photographer, my younger brother, certainly can't tag along, and Gabrielle has already committed to a college! I'm super excited for her and can't wait to follow along with her new adventures. We already haven't had a class together for two years, but we always find a way to catch up at school and over weekends. I'm confident that we'll stay in touch, regardless of where our futures lead us. 

After all, we are best friends.

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  1. Aw you two are the cutest, as well as being so stylish! Love what both of you are wearing!

    Also, I remember being terrified of being the new kid back on the first day of high school because everyone knew each other but I had just moved from another city. Eventually, I made some really good friends who lasted throughout all of university; however, one of them is still my friend today (it's been 10 years now!). Whew, I feel a little old just admitting that but it's also a great feeling to know you have such great friends :P

    Also, good job with the photos-- they look amazing and I'm quite jealous! My photographer friend also recommended a remote for my camera but I haven't invested in one yet for myself... It seems that I must now if your pics look so lovely!

    xx Debbie


  2. I like your new blog layout, everything about it, a lot! it's very pretty :) and so are those bright and happy photos of you and your best friend. I once had a best friend but to be honest, not any more. when we were best friends we lived in the same town but then she moved away and I moved away and we don't even talk any more. I guess that's what life wanted to happen then...
    anyway! I like both of your outfits a lot too! especially those lace tops you're wearing (Hilfiger used to be one of my biggest favourites during university!). and your jackets and boots are lovely too. you ladies definitely match with each other ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. I absolutely love all those photos :) So cute.


  4. Reading your story about how you first met her made my eyes teary. Friendship when we are in school (especially high school) is precious. It is pure and sincere with no string attached (ok well, mostly). Once you left school you will find they become so rare to come by. Treasure every minute you have with her. This can be a life long thing and you two made my heart melt just a little bit <3

  5. Aw, aw, aw!! Lily, this is such a touching post you've scrawled out. I can tell that this girl means so much to you--and that's amazing. As long as you've got one good friend in the world, you're luckier than most people. I adore the photos you guys snapped, too. These are absolutely stunning pictures for being tripod pics! You've gotta teach me your skills--I'm still depending on my mom, even at college. :D Guess that's the benefit of living only an hour away!

  6. Both scarves are so adorable1 I love the colors! Make sure to stay in touch in friends. I still do!

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  7. you'll look great, friendship is forever

  8. Aww, you two are adorable besties! Haha, glad you shared your friendship on the blog with us - it's a wonderful thing. And yay, quasi-twinning! :)
    You both are stylish young ladies, and I'm certain your friendship will withstand college. <3
    Also, thanks so much for the kind comment on my blog Lily (you always leave such meaningful ones)!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. You guys looks so much fun together! I love both your outfits! I remember being the 'new kid', I was soooooo nervous! But after some time I just asked someone to play with her and she became my friend too haha: ) And the photos look really great!! xxx

  10. How cute it is to have a photoshoot with your bestest gal pal! Both of you look really natural in the shoot. I guess that's the chemisty between best friends!

  11. This is a lovely post! Really enjoyed reading it! You two remind me of my best friend and I. I'm always thankful for great friends, they are few and far between
    Your looks are adorable! xx

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog


  12. Being the "new kid" was always a struggling but it brought opportunity to re-create myself and get my stuff together! Love you twos outfit, you guys are adorable. There will always be
    a way for people to stay friends through college, especially now with all our fancy gadgets!

  13. I absolutely love Gabrielle's boots. You guys are adorable.

    7% Solution

  14. You two are both so stylish! I love the boots:)

    I think I was too young to remember what it was like being a new kid but I'm so glad you got to meet Gabrielle at your new school :)

  15. Loved reading the story & found it so cool how your outfits match unintentionally! Both outfits are awesome & cute!

  16. Ya'll are absolutely adorable! I love these photos and it totally makes me miss my best friend :/
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  17. you guys are adorable!! I just recently purchased a remote too and I love how easy it is to work. (The only issue I have is to hide the remote before the picture snaps)
    I'm heading to college next year too! It's scary bt exciting! I know that you will stay in touch with your friend no matter what through college!


  18. You two are just adorable! Love all the fun pictures. My best friend from high school and I are STILL best friends... we were there for each other through every single happy and sad moment since the day we met. We are now both married and were obviously in each other's weddings. So hang on to those great friendships!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  19. oh, what a sweet story) I know, it's really hard to be a freshman in the class and it's really great you have found your true friend! She looks so pretty, both of you are, though) Those photographs are so lovely, I'm so glad for both of you)

  20. Aw, you two look so adorable and like you have an amazing time together. Good friends are wonderful. :)


  21. Aww I loved this post so much! You guys seem really close so I know you will stay friends during college :)

  22. You girls both look so happy and beautiful! I also met my best friend in school :) Only I was in first grade and I remember being just as stiff and frozen :) We all had to find seats so I just sat alone and she sat right next to me with her huge ponytail and said "hey"


  23. Niiiiice cardie! WIsh I had a 'best' friend still but I don't. I just have good friends!x

  24. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Both of you look so sweet and stylish, and your write up made me very happy while reading. I love hearing a good friendship story! Thank you for sharing yours :)


  25. These photos are beautiful, I love best friend posts! You are both absolutely gorgeous, and your outfits are so cute! This story reminds me of my best friend and I because I met her when she was "the new girl".

    I know what you mean about having to switch to a tripod for college. I'm a junior so I'm not going to college until next year, but my dad won't be able to take my pictures then, it will be so hard! I should start to learn how to use a tripod soon!


  26. Oooh, I love the photos you've been taking on your beautiful new camera! Everything is so crisp and sharp! You and your friend look adorable together, I love that you're both wearing riding boots :) I hope you had a wonderful winter break!

    Xo, Hannah


  27. You and your friend Gabrielle are both lovely ladies. Sweet smiles and lovely hairstyles, not to mention great-looking jeans and riding boots on both of you. Nothing cuter than best friends being silly/cute together. So this post was surely lighthearted and fun.

    On you, I like your peanut butter-colored riding boots going with your honey brown pants. Just like peanut butter and honey (though I do NOT recommend them together), your style is sweet. The blazer is also very nice.

    On Gabrielle, she looks very darling herself with her sweet smile and hairstyle. Her chocolate brown boots are as sweet as candy. I like her scarf as well.



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