March 8, 2014

Ali of The Drawing Mannequin

Spotty Biscotti

______Hello to all the sweet little sea urchins that gather to Lily's blog! It's very nice to meet you all. My name is Ali, and I hail from the microscopic land of The Drawing Mannequin. I must thank Lily for allowing me be your host today. As you all know, she's a lovely lady, one who I'm more than honored to be able to call my friend!

Ace of Diamonds

How did your blog come about?

______One day, Ali decided to experiment in the kitchen with a new recipe. It called for sugar, spice, and everything sassy. However, in a Powerpuff Girl-esque turn of events, she accidentally spilled in some Chemical F--yes indeed, Chemical Fashion! A great explosion occurred that was heard all around the world, pushing me to the ground and filling my nostrils with smoke. When I opened my eyes, I was shocked to notice that I was garbed in brightly colored tights and snazzy fringe jewelry. In addition, my cookie recipe had materialized into some sort of doughy monster that loomed before me. I saw a wooden spoon that was within reach and grasped it, striking the dough monster and voraciously consuming him as I went. 

______Finally, I had eaten enough of the dough monster that it puddled to the ground. My stomach gurgled. I twitched a bit. My brain snapped, and I had the sudden urge to start a blog. Somehow, the cookie dough infused with Chemical Fashion began coursing through my veins, giving me the knowledge of HTML and an insatiable need to post stylish selfies on the internet.

______And that is how I became a blogger. After tending for it, week by precious week, month by lengthy month, the little blog grew, and I met a many wondrous person through it. 

______That was complete bullshit, just so you know. Can I curse over here? That was total bullturd. Better.


How do you balance blogging and life?

______The mac-and-cheese of it all is that I prepare my blogstuffs on the weekends, snapping photos and the like, then do my college stuff during the week, with maybe some blog post writing scattered throughout. I also only post once or twice per week because I know I can't handle more than that with my nerdy, panicky life. I've always got a few little "stories" or experiences that are pre-written and stored up for those weekends when I know I'm going to be stressed to the max. Also, I bike every day as a stress reliever. The day isn't over until I've biked at least 10 miles. 

What are your favorite things to do outside of blogging?       

______Being an art major, I actually really do love to make art outside of blogging and classes. I'm into making hordes of tinier paintings and drawings right now along with doing more illustrative figural works.

Dreamscenes I

______I also enjoy baking more than I should. I love an excuse to swarm the house with the sweet aroma of baked goods, as well as eating a hearty portion of the dough (until I have a stomachache--go hard or go home!). Cookies and bars are my favorite to make and I've gotten to the point where I don't even use a recipe anymore. Mainly because I don't want to explain why the recipe was supposed to make 4 dozen cookies but only ended up with 3 dozen because I ate so much dough.

______In light of the above, it's a good thing I'm really into biking--I have been for many years now, but after my dad bought me a most scrumptious Specialized road bike for Christmas, I've been even more into it, zooming around on public roads and having lengthier rides.

What are your greatest fears and biggest dreams?              

______My greatest fear is failure along with losing control of my weight. I realize how entirely shallow that sounds, but I've always had problems with eating (or not eating) and overexercising I'm afraid that's going to pop up again to take control of my life when I don't need it to. My biggest dream is to be happy with what I'm doing in the future and with myself--I still want to be able to do something where I am learning daily, writing daily, drawing or doing something artistic often.


Tell us about a personality quirk. 

______I am such a loner. Hm, no, loner isn't it--more like introverted. Like, is that a personality quirk? Seriously, I'm seemingly a socialite on the internet with all my witticisms and awful metaphors that you'd think I'm some sort of butterfly that spews masterful, hilarious conversation all over everything I come into contact with; outside of my computer, though, that's kind of sort of quite the opposite. Don't get me wrong: I can talk like madquick with certain people, yo, and be as silly as a parakeet on a Roomba from time to time. However, for the most part I'm a little snail that likes to crawl into its shell, poke an ear and an eye out, and listen to what others have to say. I don't know if it's because of a lack of confidence or fear that what I have to say isn't intelligent enough to run a proper conversation, but I'm secretly a shy 'un who prefers tea and me time to human interaction.

______Unless we're in an art critique. Then I just let it all out and shit gets real. Like, let's make people cry real. Okay, not that intense. 


What's your theme song and why?       

______Pokemon theme song, because obviously I want to be the very best like no one ever was. 'Nuff said.

______Thanks for letting me take your blog for a joy ride, Miss Lily! And thank you all for listening to my words! I hope that you come visit me so we can be friiiiiiiiends. Ali out.

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  1. Hahahaha, oh man, Ali always comes up with the most adorable and weirdest nicknames for her readers xD Some days it's turds, other days its sea urchins. I love it.
    Anyway, Ali, this is directed to you since Lily is taking a break from the internet. I really love how you answered the interview questions and your hilarious, quirky, witty self shines through beautifully :)
    Ahhh, and yes to the introvert personality quirk! Dangit, why didn't I answer that one? Haha, that would be mine as well. The analogy of a lil snail peering out is perfect. Often I remain quiet because I'm too afraid to voice aloud what I'm thinking since it probably will come out sounding stupid. Everyone generally labels me as an introvert/quiet/shy gal, and it somewhat irks me...that's probably why I dress so edgy and dark now. My lil rebellious self striking back :b
    Then I see you in your festive tights and bright colors and am tempted to switch over!
    All that to say I am so glad I stumbled across your magical blog one day Ali, and you are a magnificent human! :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Suck interesting post!
    Love the pictures of you :-)

    Stop by:

  3. Ali, your story cracked me up. It's making me want to come up with a fairytale/nightmare version of how I starting blogging, just for the heck of it. And I'm slightly coveting your red gloves.

  4. well, I just love reading informative posts like that about other bloggers. it's the curiosity, I suppose :P anyway, I especially love the third, 6th and 7th photos, those are such masterpieces, very enjoyable. and your paintings are very beautiful! oh and when I read all those lines about biking it created this itching urge to bike! so I should definitely take out my bike soon! a little inspiration always helps with things like that :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. Ali you're the best. That's all that needs to be said :)


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