March 29, 2014

Maiken of Part of me

Hello, dear imperfect idealist readers! I'm Maiken and my blog is briefly called Part of me. I'm from Estonia and me, my fiancé and our fluffy mongrel Elvis live in a small small (circa 5600 people) town in a more than 40-year-old grand house (hence the consistent reparation and renewal). I have bachelor's degree in natural science and I work as a project manager in a company that sells fresh water and cleans wastewater.
Below you can read my answers to Lily's questions that handle blogging, my style, thrift shopping, my best bargains and my other interests.

1. Tell us the story behind your blog. What prompted you to start blogging? How did you choose the name? What is your blogging mission?

I published my very first blog post on February 18, 2009 so not long ago my blog actually had its 5th birthday and to be honest I didn't even notice it, oops. Time flies... But the reason why I started blogging in the first place was the desire to record all my trips, outfits, film reviews, all the important and beautiful (and not so beautiful) moments and events, my best thrift and other finds, my life universally.

The name Maikeni blogi - part of me is half Estonian (Maikeni blogi in Estonian = Maiken's blog in English) and half English. By the way, Part of me is a song by Chris Cornell and back then it was one of my favourite songs. And I'm not sure if it's a mission but it's definitely nice when I can inspire my dear readers to thrift shop and recycle because thrift shopping is like a valuable adventure that enriches our lives.

2. Describe your style and tell us how it has transformed.

When I was in primary school I probably wore the things my parents bought me and at the same time was daydreaming about some very stylish (or quite the contrary - "stylish") pieces like neon orange platform shoes with a white sole and crazily embellished flare jeans. In high school I experienced an all black everything phase, a hip hop phase, an over the top Barbie pink phase... yeah, better let's not talk about that.

But since university until today I have been wearing everything I like and want to wear and it's truly liberating. I can't say my style is strictly this or that because it can be pretty much anything - fancy, casual, sporty, preppy, feminine... anything I feel like wearing at the moment. I don't actually care what's in or what's not and I recommend this philosophy to all the so called fashion victims ;)

3. Tell us about the best bargain you’ve ever scored.

My best bargains are certainly from thrift shops: for instance a Kenzo cardigan/kimono (€5), a brand-new pair of Versace for H&M lace-up suede boots (€8), Miu Miu slide loafers (€4), once again a brand-new Lanvin Black heart (cards) Acne denim dress (€6 or €8), Charles Jourdan pumps (€1), Beverly Feldman loafers (€8), a Moschino skirt (€0), Ray-Ban sunglasses (€2)... but I'm going to stop naming them now because the list is already long enough. And you can click on the prices if you want to see those bargains with your own eyes!

4. Thrifting—yay or nay?

A big big yay, obviously, and pretty much every outfit here includes something thrifted. Thrift shopping is my favourite way of shopping (in the honourable second place comes sale shopping). In my book paying the full price is almost always pointless.

5. How do you balance blogging and life?; 6. What are your favorite things to do outside of blogging?

If all goes well I blog once a week but when the times are extra busy and tough (like now) I must ignore my imaginary schedule. I do what I have to do and that's what I call balancing. If I must skip a week then I do because quality matters, not quantity. And I always give my best.

Now, my favourite things in addition to blogging are thrift shopping, working out (currently I have an exercise bike phase), (mostly nature) photography, orchids, gardening, travelling and road tripping, a certain amount of cookery too.

So, I hope you enjoyed the post and found something interesting among my answers to Lily's questions. I definitely enjoyed doing this and I want to thank sweet Lily who gave me the opportunity to guest post. And before I finish - feel free to visit my blog Part of me (←click) and let's meet! See you!

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  1. oh Lily, I can't believe this (crazy) project of yours has already lasted almost a month! anyway, thank you again for having me here, it was a pleasure. haha and I totally miss you so I hope those less than 3 weeks will go by quickly! ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. hi Lily and hi Maiken.. :D
    I have long been Maiken's reader but still learnt something new about her :)

  3. Your booties in that last shot look very sexy, Maiken.;) Great post, babes, I enjoyed reading it and I definitely still learned a bunch of new stuff about you. And I'm actually pretty jealous of you for that bike phase, because at the moment I myself definitely have a couch phase.:D

  4. Aw I absolutely loved this post! Been following Maikens blog for a while now and always has such wonderful posts,sharing those incredible bargain buys! Such a lovely blogger too :)
    Gorgeous photos shared here too! wow those legs!
    Wonderful post and idea x


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