July 6, 2014


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Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?every, every minute?
―Emily Webb, Our Town

Blanketed in darkness, the audience of the high school theatre production seemed to collectively pause for just a moment, holding its breath in sudden realization. Perhaps I was imagining things. But my expression of awe was certainly real. Was I taking life for granted, like many characters in the play? Was I not seizing each opportunity? Did I really, truly realize life?

That was two months ago, when I was still in school. When I was still stressing about AP exams and final papers. When summer seemed so agonizingly just beyond my grasp.

But this is now. Summer's in full swing, and the second half of 2014 is already upon us. After seeing Our Town, I resolved to become even more conscious of how I lived, to realize every minute. As just a little background, Emily utters those poignant words in the final scene, after she has died in childbirth and returned to earth to observe a day from her past (more about the play here). After just a few moments, Emily can't bear to stay any longer, for it pains her to see her family and younger self approach life so casually; Emily now knows that it's truly precious and painfully ephemeral.

Since we're now just past the halfway point of 2014, I wanted to evaluate my progress towards my goals for the year. While seizing life is not quantitative by any means, I believe that constantly striving to improve yourself through measurable goals often leads to fulfillment. So here's a recap of my goals, along with new commentary.

1. go to whichever college with a smile and my intense drive, regardless of  whether it was where I had originally hoped [in progress]

My first goal has yet to actually occur since I don't leave for orientation until late August. While I originally doted on Princeton, I'm certainly not unhappy about the way things turned out (more college thoughts to follow in a later post). Liberal arts schools have undeniable benefits--for one, I'm certainly looking forward to insightful discussions in Amherst's small class setting. More updates to come!

2. finish high school with nothing below an A-  

I did it, with AP classes bringing my GPA up to 4.317! While the inescapable plague of senioritis was certainly real, I take great ownership in everything I do, regardless of the situation.

3. complete an official half marathon in under two hours updated

Done in 1:51:20. New goal: run a full marathon without stopping this fall. 

4. chop my hair off and donate it after graduation (length and charity TBD) [postponed/modified]

Well, graduation came and went, and my long hair is still intact. I've grown a little too attached, and it doesn't help that I've found a loophole in my own goal: I didn't specify when after graduation. So I'm technically still in the clear haha. In lieu of this goal, I donated whole blood last week at the Red Cross--blood is certainly more vital than hair. It was mildly intimidating and my parents were extremely concerned about side effects, but my friend and I both made it out just fine and faint-free. I even finally got to find out my blood type! 

And it all continues, friends. We can always improve ourselves. We can always live more. There is no ceiling, really--even if you're doing something well, you can always do it better or more efficiently. 

The last sentence actually closely resembles what I said in a recent interview. Say hello to the newest member of my local Nordstrom's seasonal team! To say I'm looking forward to it would be an understatement, expecially since this is my first real job.

More adventures to come. Let's realize life.

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  1. love love love our outfit! its so vibrant and fun :D wow what a list of goals! congrats on accomplishing that GPA, half marathon, and going to amherst in the fall! you certainly achieved a lot! :)


  2. You are one determined person, Lily. Not only are you determined, you are willing enough and brave enough to take on each challenge you set or face. That's one thing I have admired about you since first finding this blog. I wish you well in all of your adventures.

    This outfit here is very nice. Cool top and shorts along with some nice sandals.


  3. Love your colourful and vibrant outfit full of cute prints! :) I watched The Fault in Our Stars and that was when it also woke me up to appreciate our life.... I can totally relate to you, too.. all those exams have made us stressed and we just forget too much about life! Anyway, congratulations on doing so well! Believe and you will achieve! I'm also planning to get a hair cut this summer! Can't wait!

    Have a great day!
    Chic Nikkie

  4. You're such an incredible woman Lily! I'm so proud to see how you've accomplished your goals and are on your way to finishing out all of them! :)
    And congrats on the new job!!! Sounds awesome, you'll have to let us know how it goes!
    Aha, and I suppose blogging has just become a part of what I do. Glad you always take time to keep up no matter how long you might've been gone :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. So much excitement in just one post! First off, congratulations on graduating with such a high GPA! That is such a great accomplishment. And I love to see other people making goals for themselves and sticking to them, because it is something that I find very important. Finally, you should totally go for the hair cut. I think that every girl should do it once in their life to see how they like it, and, in my opinion, the grow out process isn't all that painful.

  6. Lovely look and cute pics!

  7. congrats on the job, Lily! I hope you're enjoying the store environment and getting some useful experiences out of it (okay, I know you do but still, hehe).
    anyway, I like your colourful summer ensemble. that's something quite similar to what I tend to wear during summer when the weather allows me to do it. blue and yellow look fierce together and those bold patterns are wonderful side by side.
    by the way, when it comes to promises/goals I always promise myself to blog more often but what's the result? you know the answer. being an extreme perfectionist means I need more time to do things and that can be a big problem :P well, of course I'm not a perfectionist in every single thing in life but when it comes to photos, stories, wardrobe, stuff at home I really tend to be too crazy with checking, assorting, creating systems and so on. but hey, what can you do, right?
    your year has definitely been successful since you have already achieved pretty much all your goals! job well done, girl!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. Hi Lily,
    I definitely think we need more things in life like the play you watched or your post, even, to help us realize the importance of every moment. It's hard when you are caught up in everything to put the perspective needed to live your life. I try sooo hard to live for the moment but it's hard when I'm surrounded by people who are caught up in issues that are pointless. And even I fall into that trap. It's definitely easier to look into the past and say, wow I really shouldn't have been so worried or so stressed over something that didn't matter. Easier to say in the moment to slow down and take life as it is.
    Anyway, congrats on all your goals you have completed or will in the future! That GPA is super impressive, bravo! And I'm sure that soon enough, you'll find that Amherst will be a place you couldn't dream of living without. Everything will work itself out! I applaud you on your half marathon/ running for so long. I can barely do a 5K and they were throwing different sorts of colors at me to make it more fun:P And lastly, can't wait to see your new hair length! I'm sadly too attached/too chicken to chop all of my hair off. But good for you! I mean, all your goals are fabulous and with your drive to get them, you're going to go so far in life!

    Thank you so much for your latest comment over at mine! Plus, loved reading that article...Probably going to go read it again after this. It's a nice breather to read after I hear everyone is going into PreMed or nursing or bio-chem. Like, I'm going into art with a driven goal of getting into the fashion industry (right now, anyway). I mean there's nothing wrong with any of those related majors, it's just that sometimes, I really do question that choice. But I know what I would be so happy with my life in a career like that, so I do hope it is worth it!
    Can't wait to hear from you!

  9. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd after leaving a novel of a comment, I realized I forgot to talk about your clothes! Super in love with those shorts. I always love that style because you can wear them with comfort but still look chic and put together! Yellow is a great color on you...I definitely think we have a similar color palette in terms of wearable colors? Anyway, sorry!:P
    xo Olivia

  10. Oh Lily, my Lily! I was absolutely ecstatic to see a comment from you. It just lit up my day like a firecracker on the fourth of July (wait.. do those even light up? Eep! Bad comparison! BAIL BAIL BAIL). I was so happy to learn you read all my past posts and commented so sincerely on them. You are seriously the sweetest gem. The sweetest!

    I'm so happy to see that you've accomplished (and gone beyond) so many of your goals. Gosh, I'm just beaming with pride at all that you've done! I feel like a proud older sister of something, hee hee. I am honestly so honored to know you. You just keep working hard and doing all that you love to the best of your ability--gosh dangit, girl, you are GOING PLACES! I feel the need to say gosh dangit one more time. GOSH. DANGIT!

    4.3 GPA. Girl. Get it.

  11. You look so stylish in this outfit, I love the way you matched this shorts with lace yellow top!


  12. Cute photos and outfit! Have a great weekend dear!


  13. I love this colorful outfit! The printed shorts look so nice with the bright lace top :)

    AND AHHHH CONGRATS ON AMHERST AND THE HALF MARATHON! Hope you have fun during orientation in August. I just had mine and ahhh it has definitely made me even more excited for college than I already was.

    Oooo hope your new job goes well!! Hahahah I was almost going to work there last summer ( even finished register training!) but didn't end up doing it and now I kinda regret it. But ahhhh I hope you like it. You are so stylish and I can totally see you working there :)

  14. Those colours are really pretty together and I love the textures & patterns.

  15. You look lovely with bright color! And your pattern short complete your look. You look fresh and sweet at the same time!

    Anyway, congratulation for things you've achieved. Totally agree that we can always improve ourself, because, who else would do that other than our self? I'm kinda jealous about your GPA :'D ---in a good way. Oh now I feel like such a fool, lol. But you persuade me to get better, too. Thankyou! :D Afterall, let's do everything better from now on!


  16. Oh Lily! how I've missed you and our mutual (and obviously friendly) commentary! I'm so happy that your blog is still striving and that you're graduated now! You're growing so much as an individual before you have even hit college, something so many people have struggles with even in their last year of college. It's insane how mature you are (and how cute your clothes still are). I'm so glad I can still have your blog as a go to!


  17. Your outfit is super cute! I really love your top and that photo of you jumping is awesome!
    That play sounds really interesting. I think I may check it out because the message behind it seems like something I've been thinking about lately.

    I like how you have goals set up! When I was applying too colleges, I looked into Amherst and I know for sure that it's a really good school!! Liberal art schools do have a lot of benefits and those smaller discussions you will have are nice!! It's a lot better than being in a lecture with 400+ lol.
    Congrats on the GPA too!! That is crazy that you got it above 4.0 even with senioritis around the corner and ahhh the half marathon!! I really want to do one, but I just haven't signed up+ seriousally trained. I am just casually running now! I do slightly miss racing.. just not the pressure of it hehe.



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