January 17, 2015

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How to spend 20 minutes brushing your teeth: a guide for the mildly obsessive and compulsive

2 toothbrushes
All-natural toothpaste
A mug
Iodized sea salt
A microwave (or other means of making warm water)

Step one: Brush the whole mouth with just water. Mind you, no toothpaste. Just a good ol' toothbrush (soft bristles preferable) and H2O straight from the tap. For optimal results, use a separate no-toothpaste brush.

Step two: Brush the bottom teeth with a large pea-sized dollop of all-natural toothpaste and your toothpaste-specific brush. Make sure to take care of the insides and backs and pay close attention to any permanent retainers. 1

Step three: Brush the top teeth following the same steps after rinsing the brush and adding fresh toothpaste.

Step four: After cleaning the brush again, do a final sweep of both the top and bottom teeth with a third dollop of toothpaste.

Step five: Floss. For maximum efficiency, pull floss across the left and right sides of the mouth at the same time once past the front teeth. Finish up with any tricky permanent retainer flossing--floss threaders may or may not be necessary, depending on the space between the retainer and teeth

Step six: Throw a few pinches or shakes of iodized sea salt in a mug. Fill 'er halfway up with water. 
Step seven: Throw the mug and contents in the microwave for 24 seconds (or just use really warm water). Remove mug from microwave. Lightly shake the mug back and forth to facilitate quick dissolving of the salt. 2

Step eight: Use the warm salt water solution as mouthwash. Swish 'er around, spit, and repeat until mug is empty. Rinse the mug out one complete. 

Step nine: If applicable, clean any non-permanent retainers with brush and toothpaste, and place in mouth.

1. Rinse and spit whenever necessary. Also, brush with the upmost care and thoroughness--spend at least two minutes on each brushing cycle.
2. If you're in a shared restroom (college or a camp), several people may have entered and exited the restroom at this point. The same people may have even entered and exited multiple times. You may get a couple funny side glances and inquiries. Pretend as if what you're doing is perfectly normal; eventually, others will find your toothbrushing habits both amusing and endearing.

Congratulations, you have now completed my nightly routine.

*                          *                             *

I'm a meticulous person--whether it's brushing my teeth, composing emails, grocery shopping, blogging. 

I feel compelled to write something grand and philosophical in each post, but I'm slowly beginning to realize it's okay when I haven't untangled my reflections well enough to express them quite yet. It's okay to have a short snippet accompanying a photoset for a blog post, or a long rambling that isn't the grandest or most philosophical, as long as it's genuine and relevant. It's okay to spend a little less time obsessing over the wording in emails or best value and quality in groceries. It's okay to--well, the toothbrushing is non-negotiable.

But really. It's both healthy and okay to maximize efficiency and efficacy.

It's a process, and I'm learning and trying my best.

*                           *                             *

While on the topic of efficiency and efficacy, I wanted to let you all know that I've switched to Disqus for comments. I truly appreciated all your insightful and encouraging words on my last post, and a few of you brought up some points that really prompted me to think; I've responded accordingly back on the post. Before, I used to reply to any questions or constructive criticism back on the commenter's blog, but I've realized that it's much more effective for the entire dialogue to be in one place. This way, any other readers can view the discussion and perhaps find responses to similar points they may have. Even better, you'll receive a notification if I reply, unlike the blogger system.

This weekend also marks the last I'll spend in my hometown before the start of second semester, which means I'll have less time to blog. I'll be unable to visit your sites as frequently, but I do plan to try my best, and I do plan to keep comments enabled this time--I want the dialogue to continue. In my opinion, comments should be less quid pro quo, and more about leaving insight, staying in touch, or remarking on content you found truly resonant or thought-provoking. I would rather leave one genuine, thorough note that requires time and thought than ten empty pleasantries. True to my mildly obsessive-compulsive personality, of course.

If I'm going to do something, I'm going strive to do it well, and make it as meaningful--and efficient and effective--as possible. 

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  1. I love Disqus, don't you? I feel like it's so much easier on me, and they still send emails to let me see all the comments. The outfit is really cute, but are you not cold? 20 minutes is really something. I wish I could be that dedicated to taking care of my teeth!

    Theatricality by Mariah

  2. Love that mint blazer :)


  3. Oooh, Disqus really is a nice system for replying to comments! It'll definitely be a good way to keep conversations going, and you certainly spark many with your well thought out posts :)

    Jeez Louis, I'm a lazy slob compared to that meticulous routine...haha, you'd be disgusted by how fast I brush my teeth! Perhaps I'll try spending a bit more time on that tonight...aha.

    Anyway, love the minty blazer and your cute pixie cut! It's so fashion-forward and chic Lily!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Yes, I definitely agree! After seeing how effective it was on other blogs, I knew it was time for me to make the switch.

    I was definitely very cold haha--I had my heavy winter coat in the snow out of the frame and told my brother to take photos as quickly as possible. The things we do for blogging, right?

  5. Wow 20 minutes for brushing your teeth. That's a long time!! Sometimes I get into a phase where I want super clean teeth or super nice skin so I spend hours on it! This is a super cute outfit! I really love that mint blazer that you have!!

    Ahhhh I haven't spoken to you in so long!! I've been catching up on your post and It's actually my first day back at college right now. I totally understand how hard it is to blog and be a college student at the same time. (I kinda failed at this, but I'm trying this semester to keep up with blogging.. at least in the beginning!) I'm glad that you are enjoying college. I loved that post you did about what you learned from you first semester. I totally agree that getting up at 8-9 am is WAY harder than I first imagined. I thought it would be easy since high school is crazy early, but I have literally turned into a night owl since coming to college.. which means sleeping at like 2am. I need to get myself back on schedule because I love that feeling of having so much time when I wake up early! Good luck to you in college!!! I wish you the best and I hope we will both do well this semester!!!


  6. My mom is a dental hygienist-she would be so proud of you! Haha :) You'd be surprised at how few people brush their teeth.
    I do something like this once a month and swear to myself I'll do it every day, but then I get fed up and end up just brushing my teeth. Hah.

    By the way, I am loving this outfit-super classy and chic.

  7. Hi...your post is very interesting. I read carefully of how to brush the teeth for 20 minutes :) By the way, you look so gorgeous with this outfit. I love the details on your top and you look so cute, dear.


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