January 8, 2015

Elegance: eShakti Tulle Skirt Review

Note: in case you were wondering, yes, this is a pre-haircut post
Skirt, eShakti (cream color sold out) | Sweater, Kohl's | Necklace, Nordstrom BP | Oxfords, DSW
The tulle skirt in this post was sponsored by eShakti. All opinions are my own.

While working retail is time consuming and undeniably hard on the legs, I do appreciate the excuse to dress up over break. There aren't many places where I'd be able to wear a tulle skirt on the job.

I got this ballerina-esque gem from eShakti, an online retailer best known for their classy silhouettes and customization options. Since I selected a skirt this time though, I opted for standard size 4 instead of my personal measurements--the two were basically the same. I did request for the the skirt length to be shorter, however (16 inches, to be exact). At 5'4", mid-length skirts tend to swallow me up. 

Throughout the whole process, I was really impressed with eShakti's customer service. I had actually orginally ordered a dress, but had forgotten that eShakti's dresses and skirts tend to run long on me. When the dress arrived, "above the knee" length turned out to be just below my knees. At that point, since the material for the dress was low, I was prompted to choose another sample. That's when I stumbled upon this skirt, and made sure to request a shorter length. The second time, however, there was an actual processing error--the "short" skirt went well below my knees. I clearly have the best luck with online shopping.

But third time's a charm--for this skirt, they requested the exact length I wanted, and I got just that. I shipped the other two pieces back with the return label they emailed me, and then I waltzed happily to work in a skirt whose length was just right (I'm feeling some Goldilocks and Three Bears vibes right now, haha).

Moral of the story? EShakti pieces tend to run long on those who are more petite--make sure to verify exact skirt length when you order. If something does go wrong, however, rest assured they strive tirelessly to make it right. 

All in all, I recommend the company. Their clothing features a wide range of styles, prices are resonable for the quality, and while shipping is fulfilled by DHL, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the samples arrived. It's also extremely simple to redirect packages online with DHL--I had sent the first two samples to my home address; even though this was early December, I assumed I would be well into break by the time they arrived. Luckily, the text notification told me to prepare for a package, so I hopped online and redirected it to my school address, which only delayed arrival date by a business day. Total processing and shipping time ended up being just a few days over a week (including weekends!), impressive for international deliveries. 

And even if you're cheap like me, there are plenty of options in their Overstock and Clearance sections. My personal favorite is this vintage-style, burgundy tie-neck dress for just under $30. With $10 shipping and the $35 new register coupon (opportunity expires tomorrow!), the total would be just $5. Unfortunately, sizes are limited for this dress, buuut if you're a standard size 6...

Despite the length complications, this skirt is without a doubt my favorite eShakti piece thus far. I look forward to incorporating it into my everyday wardrobe and feeling delightfully overdressed and ballerina-like and elegant. 
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Update: I noticed that the links were acting funny, so here are the actual ones you can copy and paste.
Navy version of tulle skirt: http://www.eshakti.com/product/CL0030827
Clearance: http://www.eshakti.com/Products/Clearance
Overstock: http://www.eshakti.com/Products/overstock
Burgundy dress: http://www.eshakti.com/Product/CL0031769_OS/Tie-neck-poplin-dress

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  1. The skirt is reallly pretty! I like the sound of EShakti- seen a few blog reviews of it!

    Ha,a bid, was in fact a turn of phrase as in 'in an attempt to'= 'in a bid to'
    Sadly, wasn't some exciting event. Just a regular school day where I fancied wearing this dress but it was rather cold!
    Hope you are well. x

  2. Lily!! Long time no talk, haha! I'm so glad to be back reading your posts and I hope you've been doing well. First of all, that skirt is so darn pretty and it looks so perfect with that necklace and soft top! I've also heard a lot of compliments and recommendations for eShakti, and yours definitely make me feel confident about their team ;) anyway, I checked out your haircut post and I can definitely understand you- I think getting a haircut is almost every girl's nightmare, but it's honestly nothing scary at all after it. Your haircut looks fantastic and before you said how your hair is thick? It looks so thin here (in the nicest way possible- I get frustrated with my thick hair sometimes since it seems puffy haha!) I felt the exact same way you did and I'm so glad you can finally check off #4 of your New Years' resolutions! :) My hair felt so light when I had it cut and I love how it's low on maintenance too! I'm also trying to overcome my fears and it is scary indeed, but starting small is definitely something helpful! :) Plus, your friend's goals of the month is definitely inspirational and something we should all do since goals give us direction in life! You go, girl!! Bon courage to you, too!!

    Chic Nikkie

    P.S. How's university/college for you?? ^__^ I hope all's good!

  3. ooh so adorable! that skirt is pretty!

    xo, Carla

  4. I love that look! those neutral, earthy shades are just gorgeous and the sweater, golden necklace and your wonderful skirt make such a perfect trio! I think it's my favourite outfit from you. the all-time favourite. yeah, just super pretty. it's wonderful when an outfit is so simple but at the same time shines like that :)

    Part of me


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