January 28, 2015


Cardigan, Macy's | Top, Old Navy | Necklace, LucyMint | Shorts, Forever 21 | Boots, Tommy Hilfiger

The transition to spring semester hasn't been nearly as smooth as the ombre on my cardigan, but I like to think I'm beginning to settle in. Class enrollment caps and my lack of seniority have sent me hunting for a final course during add/drop week, and of course, my indecisiveness has proved a barrier to finalizing my schedule. At least I can apply what I've recently learned in intro econ. Time to analyze opportunity costs and strive to maximize utility.

Anyways, this outfit was shot at home over break, and was one of my favorite work ensembles--nothing like subtle coordination and eclectic combinations. Now that I'm back at school, I've found it much more difficult to stay as polished since the perpetual snow and slush-blanketed paths force me to tailor outfits to my lone pair of black, riding-style snowboots. But of course, I welcome and gladly tackle challenges of all forms.

Hopefully talk to you all soon for a more in-depth update.

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  1. Hey there!! You are looking remarkably cute- really like this combination of items- hurrah!!! I really do think American unis sound confusing with all this electing classes!x

  2. Oooh, loving this fun and eclectic combination you've made :) The matching pinks in the necklace and cardigan, the fun print shorts....yes, just yes!

    Aw man, swinging into another semester is never fun. I'm finding it difficult as well. Hopefully we'll find our groove!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. You look so fun and energetic in this outfit. I love that cardigan!!

    ohh man I am with you on the schedule thing! As a freshman (with little transer credits) I am among the last to pick and that always leaves me with either super early or super late classes.. if not that then a bad professor haha. I always just keep my eye out on the class I want and keep checking over the break since people usually drop! I hope you have found your last coursse by now ! =) Good luck to you on your spring semester!


  4. hey! thank you so much for the sweet comment you left under my last post! :) reading it definitely made my day (and those last days have been extra hard for me so it was a lovely and much needed little change)!
    anyway, I liked that little post of yours. it's such a cheerful ensemble and those bright shades look just awesome together. and how perfect is the necklace with those shorts and cardi!? such a wonderful trio! by the way, I'm already waiting for spring and the days when snow will be gone. it's already February so March is luckily not that far anymore. and April.. and May! summer too, haha.

    Part of me

  5. Hi Lily, you look absolutely gorgeous with this look. Love this perfect color coordination on your ensemble. I wish you good luck on your upcoming semester.

  6. Hey Lily!! I started blogging again, and I replied to your email! You look amazing!! I'm in love with your hair, it looks so incredibly chic. Also, loving this springy outfit! I agree I'm finding it so hard to dress stylish these days when it is so cold and snowy that I just have to be bundled up all day. The colors in this look pop so nicely, super cute!


  7. Woop woop! I'm always loving hearing from you. Even a little update is lovely. It really is difficult to stay polished as a shiny, shiny rock like you said at school. I don't have to worry about trudging through snow, but the ingredients of art seem to like to stick to me as much as possible, so I avoid cute clothes during the week. Best wishes to your studies, my sweet friend!

  8. That is such a beautiful cardigan! :) I like it with the printed shorts and colourful statement necklace, nice cheerful way to add a bit of colour! :)

    Hope you get your classes sorted out soon! :)

    Away From The Blue

  9. Good to hear from you, Mica! Thank you--I actually was able to finalize my schedule :)

  10. Glad I'm not alone, Ali! Best of luck to you as well :)

  11. So happy you're back Francesca!! I can't wait to drop by soon.


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