April 15, 2015


Peacoat, Sears | Cowl neck, DKNY | Skirt, Target | Boots, XOXO | Necklace, Love Nail Tree
Photos by Alura Chung-Mehdi

"Wow, today is exactly a year ago from last year."

My friend laughed at my oh-so eloquent and astute remark. "Lily, every day is a year ago from last year."

I made a face and raised my index finger to my lips. "Shhh," I said jokingly.

She was very right, but I was particularly nostalgic that day. A year ago, I had been visiting Amherst for the first time. A year ago, I was completely lost as to which college to choose. A year ago, the now-everyday occurences felt so foreign. 

As a host for accepted students weekend, all of this was even more real. I was no longer the wide-eyed prefrosh, facing intimidating choices and countless potential paths. I was a second-semester freshman, well-attuned to campus life. I had made the big decisions, I had leapt from the diving board. 

Now, my task is to immerse myself in the water, the real world, in the most graceful, enjoyable, and original way possible. Here's to the rest of this semester and the next three years.

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  1. Hi Lily! Wow, a year! Your outfit is really pretty too!
    Don't be a stranger, Disqus does that to people! xx

  2. Ah yes, just wait...you'll get even more nostalgic the farther you get along the further you move away from the past. Sigh...crap, now I'm reminiscing about things...

    Haha! It's amazing to look back and see how far you've come though, huh? I especially enjoy that I'm able to do this through my blog too. Looking back, reading what happened, seeing what I'd worn...it's both humorous and sad.

    Cheers to the next three years Lily! :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Hi Lily,
    Your comment was really kind and please don't be concern, it was supposed to be tongue in cheek.(Ah the nuances of speech are lost in the typed word!!) d. Alluding to Disqus, I didn't mean you were distancing yourself but that unlike normal comments when you can click on the link of the person and get there, it means the commenter has to type their bloglink and work out the html for a link rather than easy clickinG which is a pain when on a phone commenting as
    I don't know html!

  4. Sorry, I had to end that comment and begin another as I tried to get rid of that random d and it refused to let me edit there! Anyway, totally understand you are busy at school, you are v hardworking! I always appreciate messages when you leave them! X x

  5. I like the coat and the skirt here. Dressed warmly and nicely. Well-styled.



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