April 24, 2015

Mint Tea Mornings

fan fringe necklace
mason jar with tea
Sweater, thrifted J. Crew | Collared top, Mom's | Necklace, LucyMint | Pants, Old Navy | Shoes, Keds

Just a quick oufit post if reading about college decisions doesn't happen to be your cup of tea.

I actually almost spoke on choosing a college at a recent Amherst speech tournament, especially since the topic was completely open. I then realized how blatantly irrelevant and ironic it would be with an audience of college students and professors. Instead, I opted to do an extemporaneous (impromptu) speech, and while it wasn't great, I'm glad I took the plunge.

Earlier this week, I also voluntarily subjected myself to a 3-hour math prize exam. Like the speech competition, I thought that even though it was a little scary, it'd be fun. It wasn't fun, but it definitely made me think a lot harder.

I've been stretching myself a little thin with all these extra endeavors--while it's important to me to tackle intimidating tasks, it's also important to be realistic. School is intimidating enough sometimes. Luckily, the final stretch has begun--time to dig in and stride forward.

Also, you may have noticed some layout changes over the past week--I was so lucky to stumble upon Eve's shop, MangoBlogs, on Etsy. She sells some of the cleanest, most affordable designs I've seen--I picked up this design for only $9! While you can't customize the themes in the template editor, Eve was extremely willing to help me with coding changes. I highly recommend her if you're on the market for a new layout. Her sale ends tomorrow, so definitely take a gander soon!

Wishing you the most wonderful of weekends.

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  1. Александра ЗахароваApril 24, 2015 at 7:19 PM

    You look simply charming, Lily:) That blue sweater suits you perfectly well, plus it works wonderful with that statement necklace!
    By the way, I do love your new page layout, it's creative, yet simple. She's done a good job!
    Have a fabulous weekend as well!

  2. Very cute outfit :) I never understood how anyone could thinks maths was fun, until I had my boys. My youngest completely loves maths, and it prompted me to improve my own maths skills, and I'm actually enjoying it now...very weird lol. Good luck in the comp! x

  3. Hello, Laura! I actually felt the same until I went to college. As soon as I had a humanities-heavy schedule, I found math really comforting since it's much more straightforward. Glad both you and your boys are enjoying it now! Thanks for your encouragement!

  4. I wish I had found Eve's store before I changed my theme. It cost a pretty penny--although I'm always willing to support creatives.

    As my study group says, now that finals season is here, "the good times are over." I had a lot of fun doing defense and client projects, but now it's back to the library I go. (As for your math comp, I went to law school precisely so I would never have to do math again LOL but as always, I'm impressed by your range).

    Another Beautiful Thing

  5. Oh I like the print mixing with the shirt under your printed knit! :) Nice casual outfit :)

    Hope your school work goes well, it's nice you had some time to do some extra stuff that appealed to you, even if it gets a little too busy from now on to do that again.

    Away From The Blue

  6. Ooo,h you look really pretty and patterned- the different textures work so well together.
    Hey, well done on the speech and maths exam- you like a challenge eh!?
    I WOULD like a new layout, a nice clean pretty one- tempting!!x

  7. Well you are just all kinds of hipster adorableness with this outfit and your mason jar full of tea!! Seriously loving everything going on here haha :D

    And man, every time I visit and read about your achievements I'm left feeling both tired and inspired. Haha, tired because I imagine what you must put yourself through, but inspired because you just keep pushing through! Way to go Lily, you're certainly an inspiration to many, I'm sure.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. oh I like that new layout! simple but sharp! one day I will work with mine too I think. one day... but first I should create a new header which sounds like the hardest task ever :P anyway, I like that cup of tea as well. it gives this sweet vibe to your colourful outfit. lilac mixed with floral and a statement necklace is definitely a good idea! oh and summer is almost here. can you believe it? mu vacation should start in June if all goes well and I can't wait! I wish you lots of strength with all the school stuff (although I know you can do it all even without that extra strength ;)

    Maiken - Part of me

  9. Nice preppy casual outfit here. I like your sweater and your pants. Very nice smile and bob hairstyle. And as always, great advice and insight from you.



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