July 13, 2015

Pineapples, Parks, and Ponderings

pineapple print shirt, yellow lace skirt
pineapple print shirt, yellow lace skirt
pineapple shirt
gold keds
Top, Kohl's | Skirt, H&M | Shoes, Keds | Necklace, Nordstrom BP

As I was adjusting the exposure and contrast on these photos, I was tempted to retouch the mosquito scars on my legs, tame the frizzy flyaways, modify my questionably-lumpy knees, erase the peek of magenta sports bra.

I struggle against the tyranny of perfection regularly, but the force of its clutches is especially prevalent when I blog. You're not put-together enough, your outfits aren't glam enough, you don't post enough, your following isn't growing enough, it whispers menacingly in my ear.

Some days, I almost give in. Some days, I question what I'm doing. Why bother blogging, when there are countless other kindred spirits who are clearly more dedicated to nuturing their respective internet nooks? Who undoubtedly fulfill the personal style blogger ideals, or even transcend them? 

There are many things that I could do differently. I could actually speak fashion instead of spewing personal tidbits in my posts. I could wear makeup regularly. I could shoot photos until every detail is on point. I could write a niche blog. I could research SEO and analyze stats until my head hurt. I could comment on every blog upon which I stumble for the purpose of exposure.

But I don't want to. I want to document my unique human experience. I want to share the beautiful and ugly truths of my life. I want to foster relationships with fellow bloggers. I want to read and comment on blogs that I genuinely like. I want resonate deeply with the multitude of souls inhabiting this planet. 

And so I will keep going. I will keep being real, human, personal. I will keep probing my restless thoughts in these posts. I will keep doing whatever it is that I'm doing, regardless of whether it conforms to a given standard. 

Shush, voice. Let me do my thing. Let me be me. 

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  1. This post. This post. Where do I even begin?

    You have perhaps written down the very central problem/dilemma/whatever-this-is of blogging for me. For a while, it has consumed me, the very intent focus on commenting, commenting, COMMENTING for the sake of exposure. The robotic rigidity of watching my stats, speaking distant rubbish about fashion and more commenting, because why not? After all, isn't that what blogging is all about? But I found myself deeply dissatisfied with doing all that. It felt shallow. Superficial. It felt like a veil.

    It took a while but I finally let it go, the idea of a quick shot to blogging stardom, to comment everywhere and to watch my stats climb and climb and climb. I started writing ideas and concepts that genuinely represented myself and my sort-of-pretentious mind alongside personal style, and the gratification that this has brought me is immeasurable.

    Keep doing you, Lily, because I can honestly tell you that you are great. I've only recently started reading your blog consistently and it has been such a wonderful experience. Keep doing you and I'll be a reader as long as because I love reading genuine heart-felt posts, and yours definitely fall into this category.

    Anyway, I'm loving the colour scheme of this outfit and that skirt is so lovely!


    May | THE MAYDEN

  2. Ha, as you know, I can't be bothered with perfection! But of course, you also know that I do think like this too! It is hard, comparison really is the thief of joy! I love that you do and it is much bewter to write one great post a week like this than 7piles of drivel!
    I still in my mind compare what I do and I often see people who have been blogging mere months supercede my follower count and I think in my mind "How?? It is not even that interesting!" I hate thinking that but the mind is a funny thing!
    Re the comment below, I try to comment on any post I've actually read because I want to show someone that they have an audience, that they are appreciated. x

  3. IF YOU EVER QUIT BLOGGING I WILL PERSONALLY FIND YOU AND UM KINDLY ASK YOU TO START DOING IT AGAIN. YEAH. That was totally a threat. Except not really because threatening people is super mean.

    There are not enough people like you out there blogging who actually take the time to read people's posts and reply with something thought-provking. I love how even the tiniest observations you make are little novellas in themselves. Your writing inspires me to write, and I love how such a simple topic can be something I to which I reply a paragraph. It's hard to post every week! Some people do it every day or every other day and I honestly don't know how the heck they manage. I adore seeing comments from you and I can honestly say you're one of the most genuine, selfless, smartest ladies I've met on the blogosphere. I, too, want to have a connection with those who blog alongside me. Numbers are so dashing to see--ooh! it went up one today! you think--but in the end, it doesn't matter if you're preaching your sweet nothings to nobody who cares to listen.

  4. Keep on keeping on. That's what you're doing and doing to perfection (for lack of a better term). I personally am not feeling the pineapple trend. That said, though, I do like the skirt and the sneakers. Keep going strong, Lily!


  5. oh, I'm sure many bloggers have had the same thoughts at some point. or at least a couple of those thoughts or only one but still-something! but you can't push yourself too much because it would end badly and maybe you would even stop blogging, stop photographing and so on. I think we have to blog the way we like to do it and as often as we possibly can. it's good to document your trips and other important things like that and it's absolutely amazing to communicate with your blog friends who are all such awesome people. I wish all of them lived near me! :D so Lily, don't worry because we all get you and we all have our flaws. people like you because of you. by the way, I left a little something for you in my blog today ;) and I love the outfit of course. those yellow and golden hues are all so great together. there's this perfect harmony about this look. it's simple but still very effective.

    Maiken - Part of me

  6. Aw, thank you so much Maiken! You are always so thoughtful and kind. I can't wait to stop by your blog!

  7. Ali, you always make me laugh! You inspire me, and I really appreciate your thoughts here. I'm glad I'm not alone. I can't wait to visit your blog this weekend!

  8. You're wonderful, Kezzie. I appreciate all your thoughts and dedication to making others feel special. I can't wait to see what you've come up with soon!

  9. May, you're a wonderful soul. Blogging is a beautiful and messy enigma, but as long as we're doing it in a deeply resonant way for us, it will be fulfilling. You inspire me, and I can't wait to see what you've created when I visit blogs this weekend!


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