July 6, 2015

PostalPix Review: Instagram Prints

instagram prints, dorm decorating ideas
instagram prints, postalpix
instagram prints, postalpix
instagram prints, postalpix
instagram prints, postalpix, dorm decorating ideas

Dorm-decorating season started early for me this year. Before I jetted off to Wellesley College for my summer program job, I scoured the internet for some simple but chic gems to make my seven-week stay more homey.

At the beginning of freshman year, I decorated my wall with photos of friends, but within a few months, the snapshots no longer felt relevant. High school graduation, youth orchestra, that one leadership conference a couple years back, prom--all of it felt so far away, in both a literal and figurative sense. Instead of inspiring me, my wall exacerbated my upheaval of home and identity and place. 

While I'm now well-adjusted to the changes that college brought, I still packed the pictures of lovely people and fond memories away at the end of the school year. This time, I wanted something that would remain pertinent and uplifting despite the passage of time and new experiences. 

The result? PostalPix, an android and iphone app that allows you to make prints of your insta shots. During freshman year, my account also evolved from shots of hangouts to artsy endeavors. I now rarely post pictures of people (minus the ocassional ootd), and aspire to capture the happy little moments, such as finding a beautiful flower on a morning run, or filling a whole journal. My instagram is now both less personal and more personal--it's less close to my immediate life, but more applicable to the life of others. And correspondingly, it's more likely that these photos will remain relevant--I'm much happier to hang a photo of the New England landscape seven months ago than a shot of a group of friends who no longer interact. 

The actual verdict on the company? PostalPix was easy to use, and I have no doubt that the photos will hold up for the rest of the summer, for my sophomore year at Amherst, and beyond. To use the app, you first must create an account with your email. I've had no trouble with spam so far, and the only emails I've received from PostalPix were about my order, or holiday discount codes. I ordered twenty-four 4 x 4 squares (29 cents a square), and the total was just over $7 after a 20% discount code, including shipping. The app did have some trouble with my final upload. but customer service responded within two days, refunding my last sqaure, and offering me a code for five free prints. And despite the delay, I received the photos in a week, just in time for my trip. I'm really pleased with the matte finish, the clarity of the photos, and even happier to be greeted by my favorite shots in this new environment.

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  1. Ah, dude! This is actually PERFECT because I wanted to make a WALL OF FRIENDSHIP (oh yeah you heard me right) with all the Insta pics of my friends and I since I graduated and would like to have, well, a wall of friendship to remember them by. Talk about convenient. And 24 squares for a little over seven bucks sounds right down my alley... hmmm... well, I just might have to be placing an order soon. Plus if it's simple, that's even better!

  2. It's interesting how your instagram has evolved over time. As of now, mine is still filled with homo sapiens, but I'm sure as my understanding and maturity grows, I'll be on more artsy endeavors too -- at least I hope so!

    Your shots are so stunning and printed, look so good on your wall! I'll definitely be trying this out when my feed and pictures get a lot better!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  3. I love the idea of dorm decorating with Instagram pictures-your idea and pictures looks super cute. I barely decorated my dorm this year and I hope that next semester, I will have a slightly more-me dorm. I want to incorporate a floral headboard some how. I don't know how but I'm gonna do it! And then like more flowers everywhere because I'm floral obsessed <3 You should take a picture of you dorm room and post it on here- I would love to have some inspiration!

    I hope that you have a wonderful time at your summer job! Can't wait to hear more about it!

    Olivia | Her Name Was

  4. Love your photos! You have a great eye for photography!



  5. Ooh, so exciting! Floral headbands sound so lovely--I suggest using one of those command hooks to hang it up. Here, check out this photo here: https://instagram.com/p/4hpK5Cp_a5/?taken-by=postalpix

    Also, my school dorm isn't super decorated, but I'll try a little harder this year too haha. Sending much love your way!

  6. Sounds like a cool service! Will definitely try it!

  7. what an awesome way to print your photos, these look fab!

    ♥ Ellen #NZblogger


    Facebook + Instagram

  8. What great photos you got printed up! You take some lovely instagram shots. Nice to hear you were so thrilled with the service too! Great decoration idea :)

    I've printed my instagram photos once, onto magnets to have on the fridge, and they make me smile every time I see them :) Which is often, as they are on the fridge! haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog


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