August 12, 2015

Growing Out My Pixie: Six Months Progress

pixie growth six months
3 hairstyles, 6 months:
before and after pixie, asian pixie
For January-March, see my three-month pixie growth update

Plop, here you go--your tri-monthly dose of closeup shots of my face.

As dull as amateur headshots and documentation posts can be, I can't help but feel nostalgic as I compile these photos. This set is particularly evocative: they span three of this year's major experiences in locations hundreds to thousands of miles apart.

I still vividly remember shooting the April photos--I had just been diagnosed with a metatarsal stress reaction, which quickly extinguished my second attempt to tackle a marathon. I remember sporting the black windbreaker in the photos often; little matched my honking gray walking boot anyways, so why bother dressing up? I remember forcing a smile in that photo, determined to forge ahead despite setbacks, so that soon enough, my smile would be real again. 

In May, I jetted off to southern China. In these photos, I was restraining persistent, allergy-induced sneezes from entering the atmosphere. I was delighted to have little on each day's agenda other than eat, explore, read, nap, shop, sleep. Everything was far from perfect, especially with my American roots and Chinese heritage each vying for dominance, but the change of scenery and culture was refreshing. The result was a dichotomy--greater self-awareness, but also more questions.

In late June, I began my Explo adventure. I taught a one-week indoor cycling workshop four times total, to 42 students. I facilitated residential life among two halls of middle-school girls as an RA, complete with late-night boy drama histrionics and early-morning sleep disruptions for trivial issues. I completed a plethora of miscellaneous tasks as a programming assistant, from answering phones in the main office to braving Massachusetts highways on last-minute airport or U-haul missions. 

Now, I'm home, a little dazed and disoriented. Explo made me think a lot--about what I want to do in the future, about the transient nature of most human relationships, about which parts of my identity I value most.

I may be home, but I'm still going--relentlessly chasing a horizon of vivid, beckoning colors, of brilliant light. Their radiance dances through this thick fog, illuminating a series of path heads to unexplored realms. 

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