August 20, 2015

Sunday in the Park: Mint Polkadot Dress and Dust Pink Cardi

mint polkadot dress, dust pink cardi, wire headband
mint polkadot dress, dust pink cardi, brown shoulder bag
fringe necklace, wire headband, mint and pink oufit
brown shoulder bag big
Dress, Macy's | Cardigan, thrifted H&M | Bag, China | Oxfords, DV by Dolce Vita | Wire headband, China

In eighth grade, my social studies teacher declared, "In ten years, I guarantee that all of you will look back and ask: what was I wearing?"

Though I couldn't blame him if it were, his statement didn't feel like a jab at our clothing preferences. Instead, it seemed to be an observation--a reflection on the evolution of personal taste. 

At that time, I vowed to prove him wrong. I was proud of my outfits, my outrageously colorful ensembles. As evidenced by this instagram transformation I posted over a year ago, I gravitated towards excessive layering, wild prints, large hair accessories.

In only half the time predicted, however, I already can't help but agree with my teacher. Even scrolling through photos from three years ago prompts cringes and bewildered gazes. I admire younger me's audacity, but I no longer resonate with my past tastes.

Mint and pink, however, is the exception. I first sported this combo junior year of high school, in a fall outfit post. Three years later, I still find the unexpectedly-complementary pastels as endearing as ever.

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