September 18, 2015

Artsy Endeavors + Life Updates: This Semester, I...

gold keds
golden evenings
street art northampton ma
 student by day, adventurer by night
amherst college dining hall food
 dining hall delicacies
flowers and basket
bike adventure
 25 miles of adventurepaleta
ivy covered wall
 quaint corners
photos from my instagram and vscogrid

This semester, I know how to college just a little bit better.

A newly-anointed sophomore, I prance back into the vast field that is school, savoring each stride along the worn, familiar paths and anticipating each landing in the tall brush that has yet to bear footsteps.

This semester, I undertake for the first time a quantitative-leaning courseload, consisting of math, stats, pysch, and French. This semester, I juggle rigorous schoolwork with two jobs--one, as a math TA, specifically to work with a blind student in linear algebra, and the other, as an orchestra assistant, mainly to manage parts distribution and greet other members before rehearsal.

As I forge through this field, I seek rhythm, passion, fulfillment, purpose. Uneven ground, poor weather, and fatigue are certain--but with deft manuveuring and determined hops up after spills, growth, empowerment, and smoother trails may manifest.
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