October 19, 2015

Fall Florals: Flower Crown and Printed Skater Dress

Dress, Target | Button down, Goodwill | Oxfords, DSW | Flower crown, Forever 21

As the air outside becomes more crisp, I welcome the fluttering colors that descend to blanket the ground. I ecstatically reach for cozy sweaters and color-coordinated layers in the morning. I savor my steaming mug of peppermint tea each day. 

I lament, however, the sun's early retire, the bone-chilling wind, the foreboding signs of melancholy winter. I yearn to feel the sun's radiant warmth on my skin, run barefoot through the lush green grass, dance with the gentle breeze in a flowy dress. Fall is beautiful decay, but it's still decay. 

So I'll continue to carry this little piece of summer, this flower crown, with me throughout each season. Even if the outdoors are gloomy, these blossoms will rest cheerily on my head, a reminder of the dormant season that will awaken once again.

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