October 16, 2015

Remix: Mint Skater Dress

mint skater dress ways to style
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mint skater dress outfit
mint skater dress outfit
Dress, Forever 21 | Scarf, gift | Top, thrifted Target | Shoes, Forever 21 | Belt, Forever 21

As I inch closer and closer to the professional world, I've begun to wonder how my wardrobe will transform--will the days of Mickey Mouse sweaters and gold sequin shorts become but a distant memory? Or will my quirky picks remain tucked away in my closet during the work week, only to emerge on the days reserved for savoring sleep and flexible agendas?

One thing's for certain: this versatile mint dress will remain a full-time member of the team. From traveling to formal occasions to everyday wear, it's served me well for years. 

Even if it is just a dress, the smallest constant in an ever-shifting world is such a comfort.

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