November 23, 2015

Jamberry: Vegan Nail Wrap Review

When my facebook newsfeed informed me that an old high school classmate had become an independent consultant for Jamberry, a line of cruelty-free, vegan nail wraps, I had to give the post a thumbs up. Progressive beauty and driven people--what's not to like?

I thought nothing more of it until Emily contacted me, asking if I'd like to try a sample of the nail wraps. I heartily agreed, and also promised that I'd review them on my blog.

Unfortunately, I'm an impulsive nail-picker, so my two attempts to test the longevity of the wraps failed miserably. The first time, I resisted a whopping four hours before I peeled them off. The second time, I actually almost made it to three days. 

So while I can't give a comprehensive review of Jamberry, I'll divulge what I did discover, and some tips I picked up along the way.

Selection: 5/5

I noticed right away that the site offered several different, eye-catching designs, from festive holiday wraps to versatile, simple stickers. My favorite picks include this precious fox design, Gatsby-inspired gold geometric pattern, and ombre glitter Atlantis theme.

Value/Cost-efficiency: 4/5

As expected, these nail wraps are not cheap. Jamberry wraps run $15 a sheet (plus $3.99 shipping), with 9 different nail sizes for each hand. In comparison, the Sally Hansen stickers are $7-10 a set. There's definitely a trade-off between cost efficieny and ethics. When it comes to beauty products, I'm personally much more willing to fork over the cash if I know what I'm buying is high quality, natural, and cruelty free--for instance, it definitely hurt to pay $9 for my eyeliner when I know that there are $1 options, but I rest easy knowing that I'm not putting chemicals near my eyes. 

For those willing to make the investment, there is also a buy three get one free deal.

Application + Removal: 4.5/5

All I needed was a pair of scissors, nail clipper, and hair dryer. The process for two individual nails was quick--I simply trimmed the sticker down, heated it up with the dryer, stuck 'er on, and trimmed with a nail clipper. I recommend applying the wraps when your nails are slightly longer than you want--the wraps have a much cleaner edge if you can simply snip off the extra wrap with some excess nail.

Removal was no problem--I simply peeled off. The is a more laborious process detailed on the Jamberry site if you want to prevent damage at all costs, but I didn't find the need to undergo it. Luckily, my nails remained just fine.

My only concern was the size of the wraps--often times, they were either too large or too small. I ultimately trimmed the side of the too-large wraps just a sliver to fit, which was just an extra step. Unfortunately, there wasn't a large enough wrap for my thumbnails, so I opted to only apply wraps on my pinky and ring finger. 

Longevity: 4.5/5

While the wraps only graced my nails for a few days, I saw little signs of wear before I peeled them off. In those three days, I had worked out (including a swim), showered, and practiced violin multiple times--so these wraps withheld a pretty active lifestyle. 

I had hoped to document the wear over a week, but my impulsive picking proved to be an obstacle. Luckily, Heather of Cake and Greenbeans does just what I had hoped and failed to do in her Jamberry review. By day 7, the wrap remains as shiny as ever, though hints of wear have appeared at the tip.

Overall: 4.5/5

I found these wraps to be pretty durable for the few days that I kept them on, and had almost no complaints about the application and removal process. While they are pricey, they are more ethical than most other beauty products, and their shine survives even the most active of lifestyles.

If you want more info, feel free to browse the Jamberry site or take a gander at more reviews!

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