November 20, 2015

Minimalism: Gingham Button-down + Embellished LBD

lbd outfit
new york public library
Dress, Vera Wang Princess at Kohl's | Button-down, thrifted ASOS | Keds, eBay
Photos by Alura Chung-Mehdi
Location: New York Public Library

I'm far from a light packer--last Thanksgiving break, I lugged home a massive suitcase, overstuffed backpack, cumbersome schoolbag, and violin. 

Break was only one week, but I wanted to be certain that I'd have everything I needed. I planned each outfit down to the occasion, and drafted to-do lists for each day. 

All of this was excessive. I quickly learned that I needed much less than I expected, after wearing only a small fraction of what I'd packed.

So when my school's orchestra went on tour in NYC over Halloween weekend, I was determined to pack as efficiently as possible. I vowed to maximize even my black concert dress--and so this minimalistic travel look resulted. 

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