December 4, 2015

Artsy Endeavors + Life Updates: Nothing Gold Can Stay

Attempting to remedy the winter sniffles with hot tea and a good read
No place like home
The world needs more
fall outfit with flower crown
Triple threat: mint, florals, lace
new york public library
Scenic study spot
crepes on columbus nyc
artsy fall photo
fall outfit
Tis the season
All photos from my instagram

As the days before winter break dwindle away, I find myself feeling more reluctant than eager to leave fall semester behind.

Despite late nights wrestling with proofs in a type of geometry where triangles have less than 180 degrees and rectangles don't exist, despite the extra commitment of two jobs, despite 4pm sunsets and gloomy weather that forebodes of winter--this semester has been the most resonant yet. I've found resonance in even my toughest (trippiest?) classes and additional duties.

It's a blessing to be trained well in a challenging proofs course. It's blessing to be a teaching assistant for a blind student in linear algebra and to be a leader in orchestra. It's a blessing to be part of the Asian culture house. It's a blessing to have run the Hartford half marathon. It's a blessing to love where I'm at, despite inevitable hardships.

Tumultuous waves are ahead as the end of the semester nears, but I run a tight ship. While I wish I could preseve this time, these moments, for quite awhile and keep living them, nothing gold can stay. So I'll keep sailing ahead, toward the promise of an unfamiliar horizon and the adventures that await.

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