Chasing Sunrises: Floral Blazer + Tulle Skirt

Blazer, Kohl's | Button-down, Target | Skirt, eShakti | Necklace, Nordstrom | Oxfords, Forever 21

6:18 am.

I hop out of bed, flick on the lights. Unlike my usual school mornings, the sun has yet to awaken.

I should feel groggy--but instead, warm, pulsing anticipation fills my body. It's the first day of reading period, I had the luxury of climbing into bed before 10:30 pm last night, I'm up to witness my first sunrise.

Pulling on my thickest sweater, warmest boots, coziest scarf, I tiptoe out of my room into the quiet hallway. In the empty common room, I peek out the window: the mountains in the distance are black, their silhouette rests serenely against a deep orange and calm blue gradient. The transition between the two contrasting colors is so smooth, so subtle--nature's finest work of art. 

I awaken a still-sleeping floormate, and we venture into the cold. Streetlamps light our way as we head towards the "beach," the ironic name of our science center's observation deck. Once there, we shiver in the crisp morning chill, ears red from the boisterous wind, exposed fingertips icy and numb.

Huddled for body warmth, we wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, a sliver of gold appears just above the peak of the black silhouette. It intensifies, growing brighter, warmer, more brilliant.

Finally, the sun makes its grand entrance, emerging completely from its respite. 

Enveloped in misty golden light, surrounded by the endless blue sky, I smile.

Here's to simple beauty, serenity, exploring the uncharted. Here's to beginning.

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