Cotton Candy Dreams: Mint and Pink Outfit + Life Reflections

mint and pink outfit, college style
mint and pink outfit, college style
mint and pink outfit
mint and pink outfit
mint and pink outfit
Sweater, Target | Button-down, thrifted Ralph Lauren | Skirt, Wet Seal | Keds, eBay

I am mesmerized.

Head resting against the cool, textured plastic walls, I peer outside the plane window. We soar among voluminous white clouds against pure blue skies. Golden light filters through the fluffy bodies, illuminating the dreamland. I can almost imagine myself floating freely, unconstrained by the sturdy frame of this flying machine. I can almost imagine myself prancing through the immaculate mist before sprawling peacefully atop these inviting thrones. 

In the midst of my cloudland daydream, I begin to wonder if recent life happenings have also been but figments of my imagination.

The cotton candy skies of our first sunrise expedition. A candlelit dinner in a Mediterranean restaurant. Tender kisses atop a cozy blanket, in a grassy field overlooking the mountains.

I'm skeptical. I could be the clumsy lead in some sappy rom-com. Or this could be The Truman Show. I could be absolutely delusional. 

But I know it's all real, and I'm apprehensive. Romanticized snippet descriptions exude the swirls of warmth and novelty that have been my life, but they can't even begin to paint the true picture.

The plane begins its descent. I bid a quick farewell to my dream scene before we're immersed in the majestic, white masses themselves. The sunlight and blue skies disappear: all I see is cloud. Nothing but endless, condensed water vapor that obscures all lines of sight and disrupts all sense of direction. 

This is reality. I'm feeling my way through the thickest fog, entirely new to this whole romance thing (google plz tell me how to relationship). I have no idea where I am or where I'm going, whether the ride will be turbulent or smooth. 

But I am absolutely certain that all is clear above, in the dreamland, and below, beneath the clouds, where I can see the world in a different light, from a new perspective. 

We break through the dense mist. The scenes below reassure me--the farmlands become suburbia become rivers of bustling cars. I smile.

I'll break through, too.  

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