January 5, 2016

Color Coordination: Mint Button-down + Fan Fringe Necklace

Sweater, thrifted J.Crew | Button-down, thrifted Ralph Lauren | Jeans, Macy's | Necklace, LucyMint | Keds, eBay
Photos by my brother

I have little to offer today, unless you'd like a pile of sniffles-infected tissues or an ocean of study abroad plan stress. 

I even cannot offer the standard new year's greetings, as I'm clearly in denial that it's 2016--yesterday, I submitted an internship application with a 2013 date on the cover letter. If my laptop keyboard could insert the funny crying emoji, this would be as good a place as any for it. (In my defense, I was referencing a sample with a 2013 date on it.)

I can, however, nudge you in the direction of my newly-updated about page, the product of several hours a random night a week ago. If you haven't had a healthy-enough dose of me, feel free to take a gander!

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