March 2, 2016

Endurance: Spring Outfit and Long Run Thoughts

colorful outfit college fashion
colorful outfit college fashion
colorful outfit college fashion
Dress, Forever 21 | Cardigan, thrifted Banana Republic | Button-down, Target | Boots, Tommy Hilfiger | Necklace, Love Nail Tree

On days like these, I feel as if I could go on forever.

The soft wind waltzes with the crinkly brown leaves still clinging to the branches of the trees. Beneath the mellow morning sun, I float along the bike path. I am running, but I barely notice. The fluttering leaves sing in soothing whispers, harmonizing with the rhythm of my breath., two,, two...

They have weathered much, the leaves. Despite harsh blizzards and tempestuous spring storms, they remain steadfastly attached to the sturdy, rooted bodies. The leaves are obstinate, tenacious, unrelenting.

One hour. Two hours. 

Fatigue makes its gradual, sly entrance. My breath becomes burdened, my legs protest adamantly, my mind feels weary. My thoughts no longer float freely--they are fixated on the pervasive discomfort. How much longer? When can I finally rest?

I remember the leaves. If they can cling so tightly despite their worn state, I, too, can continue to quench my hunger for distance.

The peaceful woods soon become the bustling small town near campus. I encounter a woman entering the community center. She smiles brightly, looks at the sky, and opens her arms wide. 

"It's beautiful."

I return a smile. "Yes, it's gorgeous out."

These little moments keep me going. The warm weather is a blessing. Despite the pain, being able to run is a blessing--I am all-too-familiar with the state of being injured, the persistent ache to lace up my shoes and float away. 

That spiritual pang cuts deeper than this physical suffering. I try to correct my careless form, I try to pick up the pace, I try to run happier. 

My watch finally reads three hours. I fumble for the stop button, swipe into my dorm, and labor up the stairs.

I barely have time to stretch before my first obligation of the day, let alone shower. I am stumbling around these responsibilities tossed at me from all spheres.

The run is now a week behind me, but several tests of endurance still await me. I long to catch up with you all once school allows me a respite.

In the meantime, I'll remember the leaves, and continue to tackle each task with long-run enthusiasm and determination.
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