Misery (Maroon 5) Violin Cover

As part of a multi-stage plan to let go, to stop wallowing in misery over the closing of a beautiful chapter, I opted to busy myself with creating another violin cover. 

Four days later, this happened. Below is the video description:

To cope with end-of-year blues, I found it only fitting to cover this aptly-titled yet misleadingly upbeat classic. The result? Fruitless brainstorming meetings, treks around the neighborhood in the summer heat, filming on the side of a busy street, reacquaintance with good old windows movie maker...basically, much more misery, but also many more laughs.

I hope this video is just as fun to watch as it was to make. Special thanks to George Liu for his patient camerawork. Credits go to Jo Phel for the instrumental.

It's summer, I'm halfway done with college, and it's time to move on. Adventure awaits.

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