September 16, 2016

Artsy Endeavors + Life Updates: Seeking Equilibrium

succulents bordeaux france
Little friends
universite bordeaux 1
Favorite building on-campus
dune du pilat
Worth the sore legs (also thank you random couple for being in the right place at the right time)// La dune du Pilat
grand theatre bordeaux
Whoa // Grand Théâtre
Ivy enthusiast
boulanger bordeaux
Going poor from buying food
bordeaux france house
Forever that creepy girl snapping shots of every cute house she stumbles upon
hotel de ville bordeaux
Shoutout to the 10+ people who gave me directions in my beginning phone service-less days
passport study abroad europe
And so begins this 10-month European adventure...

All photos from my instagram

I went to a bar the other day.

Season 2 debut of my soap opera life: Lily goes to a bar for the first time...

...and drinks...apricot juice.

I was visibly flustered when the bartender asked what I wanted to drink. I really wished there were a menu. Good thing I didn't ask for one.

"Uhhh...what are the choices?" I stumbled, in French, "There are a lot, I imagine"

"It depends," the bartender replied, "What do you like? juice..."

Still afraid to exercise my new power to buy alcohol (and still afraid of alcohol), I lit up at "fruit juice."

And so there I was, turning up on Tuesday night with my non-alcoholic apricot juice. 

I like the dramatized episode title, but the true headline should be this: Lily goes to a bar for the first time to participate in a legitimate linguistic event.

I was there for an organized French-English conversation exchange that was unfortunately cancelled due to the torrential rain. Luckily, several others missed the memo, so I did what people do at bars and mingled. It was a very bilingual mingle.

I was fascinated by how we leapt deftly from one language to the other--the conversations bore little resemblance to my "Chinglish," my domestic Mandarin-turned-English when I have no idea what that one word is in Chinese. We spoke in French when we felt like it, and we spoke in English when we felt like it. It was a win-win for the native French wanting to practice English, and the non-French wanting to practice French. It was cool. Chouette.

The past week has been a whirlwind of novel experiences, stressful ordeals, and the usual everyday. Classes have yet to be finalized, and it's been weird not staying in every night to tackle my preliminary work seriously, like I would have done in the states. But tonight, as I danced exuberantly (and probably awkwardly) at an international students event, resonating with the carefree energy of the hip med school band, I knew that I was where I should've been. I'm here to study, and I'm also here to experience, to adventure. Balance is my mission, and I'm here to find it.
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