September 28, 2016 La Rochelle, France

Travel: La Rochelle, France + Thoughts on Juggling Social Media while Adventuring

la rochelle
tour st. nicholas la rochelle
la rochelle
vieux port de la rochelle
la rochelle
la rochelle
savory crepe and crepe with ice cream la rochelle

The crisp, sweet taste of the lychee-rose sorbet lingered on my lips. 

I glanced wistfully at my empty ice cream cup, wishing I had been able to properly document the novel food experience--wishing I had been able to capture the fresh yet subtly earthy flavor with my camera. 

A snapshot of the unassuming, frozen pink scoop wouldn't have done it justice, I convinced myself. Yet I still wished I had a tangible memory of what I'd consumed. I wanted something more than an ephemeral experience.

Oh, yeah--I also really wanted a photo for my blog.

The precarious balance between documenting my adventures and savoring them remains an enigma. On trips, I snap away furiously with my camera, hoping that at least a few of the photos will be insta-worthy. I see quaint architecture in square frames. I see breathtaking landscapes in terms of snapchat story potential. 

And even when I intentionally leave my gadgets off to relish an experience, I can't help but wish I'd been able to properly document those moments. In reality, savoring doesn't exist for me--"savoring" only means wistfulness. 

But why am I wistful? Do I want photographic evidence to relive the adventure myself, or to flaunt my oh-so-glamorous, exotic, perfect (ha) study abroad life? Would I even take photos if I couldn't share them?

These are questions one uncaptured sorbet can't answer (well, also that scrumptious vegan lunch). I'm not expecting answers as I continue to live and learn in this foreign life, but I'd love some more clarity.

I also wouldn't mind another sorbet.

*                                                           *                                                    * 

Just a quick, rare mid-week update with photos from my recent trip to La Rochelle, a historic port city in southwestern France. 

I promised myself that I'd avoid stereotypical, superficial travel writing, but I can't resist offering a tidbit to any vegan/vegatarian/gluten-free/organic folk who may be traveling to La Rochelle. I stumbled upon the loveliest grab-n-go (or sit down if you like) restaurant called RawCoco and I died. My lunch was also something I wish I had captured--the loveliest veggie wrap and chocolate banana crepe.

The meal that I did capture was at l'Epi de Blé, a crêperie that was equally delicious (though not so vegan friendly haha--I need my exceptions). I had a savory mushroom-egg buckwheat crêpe, and a friend had a sweet apple-vanilla ice cream crêpe. 

If you'd also like to find the divine lychee-rose sorbet, make a stop at Ernest le Glacier for me (and take a photo!).

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