November 17, 2016

Cozy Fall: Blanket Scarf Outfit + FashionMia Review

plaid scarf outfit
plaid scarf outfit
plaid scarf outfit
plaid scarf outfit
plaid scarf outfit
plaid scarf outfit
plaid scarf outfit
plaid scarf outfit
plaid scarf outfit
Coat, FashionMia (sold out; similar cut, similar vibe) | Scarf, H&M | Sweater, Mom's | Skirt, China | Boots, China
In exchange for an honest review, I received this coat free of charge from FashionMia. All opinions are my own.

It was war.

The battleground? One large suitcase and four vacuum bags, crinkly from the violent fight.  

It was me versus them--me against my belongings in my quixotic endeavor to fit a year of my existence into one fifty-pound suitcase. 

I lost.

After countless maneuveurs and coaxing from my parents, I surrendered. I would grit my teeth and pay to check a second suitcase. 

But the struggle nonetheless continued. I resolved to bring only a carry-on size as my second suitcase, *just in case* I could somehow pare down the field to its larger counterpart on my return trip (the struggle of musicians--had I not brought my violin, that suitcase could've been my carry-on...) The second suitcase ended up being nearly as heavy as the larger one, and I still abandoned several items at home, one being a polished mint peacoat.

I felt a little ridiculous sporting my heavy winter coat when fall began to make its subtle entrance in Bordeaux. But luckily, FashionMia asked me to collaborate, and I happily selected this patched camel coat. 

Here's the verdict on this versatile jacket:

Appearance: 5/5
I usually shy away from hooded jackets because they feel less refined, but practicality won this battle--I wanted a hood just in case the weather turned sour. This coat balanced appearance and mechanics nearly seamlessly--the classic colors and faux zipper pockets ooze "I am in control of my life" (I am not), and the fluffily-lined hood shields me from the frequent Bordeaux drizzles.

Sizing: 4/5
I ordered a small, and when unzipped, the jacket fits just right. Zipped, however, and I look and feel like a marshmallow. With a sweater underneath, the jacket is just a little too snug. Even funkier, the zipper ends several inches well before the coat hem, leaving some body-hugging flaps. Luckily, I rarely zip my jackets anyways.

Quality: 3.5/5
The zippers are a bit reluctant, and the hemming isn't perfect, particularly in the pockets. I would've also liked to see softer material--at times, the coat feels a bit stiff and not particularly durable.

Shipping: 4/5
This package took about 3 weeks to ship internationally, which is slightly longer than the norm for Asian retail companies (in my experience, the average is 2 weeks). For shipments to the US, the cheapest option is about $7, expected in 5-12 days. With orders over $80, shipping is free. The coat came sufficiently-protected in a large plastic mailing pouch.

Value: 3.5/5
For a under $30 at regular price, the jacket is by no means an investment luxury item. I'd say it stands in the ranks with peacoats I've purchased at Forever 21 or H&M--they can give off a refined vibe, but are missing just that touch of comfort. Including shipping, the cost would've have less justified, but the jacket still doesn't break the wallet.

Overall: 4/5
FashionMia has a plethora of trendy items at affordable prices, with corresponding quality. I would've appreciated truer sizing and speedier shipping, but the jacket is overall a versatile addition to my humble study-abroad closet.

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