November 30, 2017 New York, NY

Briefly in Brooklyn: Maroon Blazer + Dog Print Button-down

maroon blazer outfit
maroon blazer outfit
maroon blazer outfit
maroon blazer outfit
Blazer, LC Lauren Conrad | Button-down, thrifted Primark | Skirt, Forever 21 | Boots, Amazon

Fact or fiction?

I walked him to the bus stop, heart heavy. The long-anticipated weekend had kindled (tentative embraces, familiar voices sounding different) and burned (moonlight walks, bedtime cuddling). The flames danced, reaching for the sky. Then they grew quiet, retreating to ash, wisps of smoke, stillness.

We were quiet, shoulder to shoulder, brooding on the steps before the station. 

The bus came. We stood and folded into each other's arms. 

"I'll see you soon?"


An older couple embraced beside us. The woman tucked a wisp of silver hair behind her ear, then waved goodbye to a man with wrinkled skin and warm eyes. 

The man and I stood together as we watched the bus pull away. We waved to tinted windows and silhouettes. 

We looked at each other, and smiled--sadly and knowingly. 

We turned in opposite directions, and walked away. 

I've been wanting to write this scene for a couple months now. Is it a memory, still as fresh as the day I lived it, or traces of a melancholy dream? I'll let you decide.

For the past year, I've been absent from this blog more than I like. I used to share quirky stories and minute details. Now I feel as if even the monumental goes unmentioned. 

A few weeks ago, my blog domain actually expired for 9 days before I noticed. This little space of my own has been forgotten and neglected. With schoolwork and other obligations, I'm not sure I'll be more present anytime soon. But I hope to return often--to leave a little tale, a small snippet, some lingering thoughts.

With much love,

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